10 Gifts That Give More

The Christmas season is upon us, and with it comes the barrage of ALL! THE! THINGS! WE! MUST! HAVE!!!

One of the things that we have striven for in our frugal and purposeful lifestyle, and raising our children is to be more aware of the needs of others than the wants of ourselves.

So how do we teach our children to understand this concept, in a world that screams about ALL! THE! THINGS! WE! MUST! HAVE!?

We’ve found that it can be taught in small ways, but that the children must always be a part of it. The discussion happens a lot – let’s face it, even we adults can struggle with not getting everything on our ‘list’. It’s not something that happens overnight, especially, if this is a new concept for them.

One of the best ways is to choose a gift that gives to those who truly need it. Clean water, medical care, latrines, livestock, freedom from slavery, food…

Some tips:

Sit down, as a family, and decide which you would like to commit to. Talk about the various gifts and the ways that these gifts will make a difference. Discuss how your lives would be different if you lived in other conditions, and what the gift would mean to your own family.

Consider making a point of the fact that this gift for others means one less gift for them. That can be difficult for children, at first, but they will get it; probably faster than us adults.

Continue to talk about the gift through the season and through the year, and the difference it has made in the lives of others.

10 Give Gifts that Give More:

Not For Sale – purchases helps free victims of human trafficking, and get them the help they will need afterwards

Heifer International – provides livestock and training to families, so that they can provide for themselves and help their own communities

Charity : Water – 100 wells project — Help build wells around the world

Samaritan’s Purse – give water, medical help, animals

Compassion provide water, livestock, food, medical needs, and/or sponsor a child

Blood:Water Mission – Deck the Stalls — Providing latrines for northern Rwanda. Help provide sanitation and prevent the spread of disease.

World Vision provide livestock, loans for women, water, food, medical needs, and/or sponsor a child

Nothing But Nets – give nets to help prevent malaria

Living Water International – give clean water

Sevenly.org – highlights a different charity daily

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Karla Porter Archer is a print and web designer, technophile, writer, speaker, gifted education advocate, and mother of 4. Teaching her children about making wise and healthy choices in all areas of their lives is of the utmost importance. She is passionate about eating well, living simply, yet comfortably, and eliminating the excess clutter that overloads daily life, as much as possible. She shares her (successful and unsuccessful) attempts and efforts on Living The Life Fantastic, which she started, along with Randy Archer, after they met on Twitter, fell in love and determined to live their lives purposefully and fantastically together. Find her also at: Karla Archer and Archer Creative

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    Karla Porter says:

    I just received this info from Gospel For Asia: They also have a Christmas Gift Giving catalog that give so much to those who need: https://www.mygfa.org/
    Some of their options for gifts include church buildings, radios (so missionaries can share broadcasts in remote areas), translations of books, sewing machines and more!

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