6 Cost Effective DIY Gift Ideas That Work For Any Occasion


You don’t have to spend tons of money at expensive department stores or ordering online to find the perfect gift for anyone in your life. And, you don’t have to wait for the holiday season and bake cookies or make exotic candies to give a homemade gift.

There are so many DIY gift ideas online and in books that you can choose from that you might be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of projects. Here are 6 simple DIY gift ideas for almost any occasion that have minimal cost and will truly please the recipients:

Gifts in a Jar – Mason jars, those with interesting designs, baby food jars and any jar you like can be filled with or made in to a personalized and useful gift. Make Mason jar lights that are especially beautiful in an outdoor, night time setting or partially fill a jar with white sand and then add shells or a photo of an especially memorable visit to the beach.
Personalized Gifts – You can personalize almost anything to make a unique DIY gift idea. Inexpensive hand or dish towels are perfect to embroider or embellish to make it more beautiful. Fashion a person’s initials out of wood, paint them and center them in an attractive frame.
Baskets – Personalized basket gifts are always a great DIY gift idea for any occasion. For a housewarming, you could bake a fresh loaf of bread and include it in a basket of other needed household items to help during the moving transition.
Buckets of Fun – Galvanized buckets are fun and attractive to personalize for anyone on your gift list. You can perk them up with paint or fill them with the theme of an event and bring it all together with cellophane and a big bow.
Mementos – There is so much you can do with mementos you collect throughout the years. Old t-shirts can be transformed into quilts, photos and odds and ends can be positioned in a frame, pretty leaves from the forest or shells from the beach can add to the décor or line the shells on the edge of a mirror.
Wine Corks. Collect beautiful wooden wine corks and transform them into something useful for the perfect do-it-yourself gift idea. There are many instructions, both online and in books, for making items from corks such as key chains, trays and trivets, place mats and wreaths are all great items to fashion from corks.
Save money and have the personal satisfaction of knowing that you’ve created a gift from recyclables or items that represent beautiful and memorable moments in your or someone else’s life. The 6 DIY gift ideas above are just the tip if the iceberg to get you going. The possibilities are endless. Limited only by your available time and imagination.

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