A Powerful Way to Create A Fresh Start

Is 2013 the year you really want to make a fresh start in your health?  Do you long to release excess weight but you feel bound by emotional eating or food addiction?  If this describes you, have you ever considered Biblical fasting?  Fasting, especially when done from a Biblical perspective, is a powerful way to not only create a fresh start in your physical health, but it also provides some key spiritual benefits as well.  Here are just a few of the health benefits of fasting:

  • Fasting prepares you for new levels in your life
  • Fasting enables you to completely focus on your relationship with God
  • Fasting positions you to be able to receive major breakthroughs in your own life or for those for whom you’re praying
  • Fasting brings about emotional “detox” and cleansing
  • Fasting allows you to “dethrone” your flesh
  • Fasting positions you to receive new, divinely inspired assignments
  • Fasting helps you become and remain sensitive to God’s Spirit
  • Fasting is a form of spiritual warfare
  • Fasting positions you to receive God’s promises
  • Fasting helps you face and eliminate fear
  • Fasting enables you to focus on the positive, rather than the negative
  • Fasting elevates you in spirit, soul, and body, allowing your mind to become stronger
  • Fasting helps you lose weight and detoxify your body
  • Fasting increases mental clarity
  • Fasting gives you soft, clear skin
  • Fasting eliminates dead cells and mucus

If you’ve started the New Year with that “this time I’m going to do it” attitude, yet by now you’re right back in the throes of food addictions and emotional eating, I encourage you to set aside a day, a few meals, or whatever you feel in your heart to do, and devote yourself to a fast centered on creating a fresh start.  Focus on prayer, meditation, and hearing God’s voice as He speaks to you about your health and the vision He has for you.

You can drink fresh, live juices, a lot of pure water, and spend the time you’re fasting journaling about the desires you have for your health, and if you’re an emotional eater longing to be free from the bondage of food addiction, pour your heart out to the Bondage Breaker.  He’ll speak to the deepest places of your soul and give you words of encouragement, whispers of how much you are treasured and loved just as you are, and direction for apprehending the freedom you have for every area of your life, including your health.

And if you know you’re ready to make 2013 the year you break free from excess weight for good, then I invite you to join me for an upcoming free training call where I’ll share 7 secrets of Christ-centered weight loss.  Click here to get all the details

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Ginny Edwards is the founder and CEO of Ginny Edwards International, a coaching company dedicated to helping women who sense a deep calling to some form of leadership transform their bodies and their health with the power of raw food. Ginny has been a professional life coach to women of faith for over ten years. Her passion for helping others live lives of excellence with the primary goal of bringing glory to God is inspiring women around the globe to pursue their own high calling which includes radiating health and life to all they encounter.

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    Wade Balsdon says:

    I think that fasting has its place, however I prefer eating healthily all year round so that one keeps one’s body healthy all the time.

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