Are You Listening To Your Body Signals?

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It’s time we ask this question.  Are you listening? More importantly are you aware of the signals your body is sending you? Too often folks will go to their doctor for answers when quite honestly the answers are being shared on a daily basis, we just need to stop and listen. Now, don’t get me wrong, doctors are important and very necessary, but there is only so much we can do.  For instance, when you go to your family physician or any doctor for that matter, the first thing they will do is ask YOU questions.  

Notice, they ask YOU for the answers, because only you will be able to share the information that will lead us to a diagnosis or perhaps some answers to help you.  We as doctors are like detectives, with the information you provide to us, we are then able to formulate a course of action.  But quite frankly, it appears that the vast majority is not listening to their bodies. Symptoms appear to advise us of something that may be occurring within us that needs attention.  A headache is NOT normal, neither is a belly ache or any other dysfunction of our bodies.  Is it a cause for alarm? Probably not, but you must be aware of it.  

Too often, we will simply mask the symptom with a prescribed medication or over-the -counter medication and truly do not discover the cause of such symptom.  Would we simply neglect the oil light blinking in our vehicles or do we take it immediately to be serviced? Why neglect our bodies? Our bodies are showing us signs such as the oil light, perhaps not as evident but the signs are there.  It is up to YOU to identify them and ask questions.

With the age of technology, finding answers has become easier.  It amazes me that many more individuals are not taking advantage of the technology available to us today.  Again, we doctors are necessary but most importantly our job is to educate.  If you are in the presence of a doctor that refuses to answer your questions, it may be time to seek out another doctor. We are your advocates but YOU must do your part as well.  Be aware of your body and the signals it shares with you. Don’t ignore the signals that will help us to determine the cause of your symptoms.  If something you eat does not agree with you, determine why.  Perhaps you are allergic to that particular food item or an ingredient found within the meal. Don’t simply resort to taking a pill.  

Remember this is not a dress rehearsal, we are given one body, let’s take care of it. It’s time to take responsibility for our actions, our body and our health as a whole. 

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