Are You Teaching Your Child The Meaning of Consequence?

Are You Teaching Your Child The Meaning of Consequence?

This is not a subject I’ve neglected. I’ve written about it several times, if you’ve missed them here are the links:

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So, why am I focusing on this subject again? Well, because I made the mistake of watching the news this weekend. If you missed it, there was a story regarding a teen from Texas who has been given probation for a horrible act he was a part of. What horrible act? The fact that he was driving while intoxicated wasn’t bad enough but he also killed 4 individuals. His blood alcohol level was 3 times the legal limit! Three times!!

Not only did this teen destroy the lives of innocent people but what is his punishment? Probation!! This 16-year-old was given a probation sentence because he is from an affluent family. This entire story simply is outrageous! 

What are we as parents, teaching our children? One of the most important lessons we can teach them is that of CONSEQUENCES. If they are not taught the meaning of this word at an early age, they will feel that they are entitled. Yes, I used the word – entitled. As I look around at the youth of today, that is what I see – entitlement.

As much as it saddens me to see the youth of today acting as if they are above the law, what enrages me more is the fact that the adults are allowing this to happen. As adults we are to be the ultimate role models to the youth of today. However, allowing them to get away with murder – literally – is outrageous!

This particular teen is getting away with murder because of his ‘affluent’ family. Is this truly a gift for this child? What lessons is he learning? What message is being sent out to the public by simply sentencing him to probation? Not only are the parents at fault in this situation but so is the legal system. It should be a matter of affluence. The law is the law or is it? Is it different, depending on your affluence?

As parents, we are to teach our children the meaning of consequence. It does not matter how small the incident is, they must learn and it truly begins in the home. Accountability is essential in the upbringing of children and truly for each and every individual no matter the age. No one should be allowed to get away with murder and unfortunately because of the judge in this particular case, this Texas teen is going to do just that. My heart goes out to the victims of this tragedy and truly hope that justice is done.

What are your thoughts?


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