Customers Are Talking About Your Brand, Are You Listening?

All too often, businesses find themselves set on autopilot when it comes to pushing out their social media marketing updates. Tweeted? Check! Updated FB status? Check! But without carefully and pro-actively optimizing every available opportunity, many companies drop the ball on gathering all the valuable data about their company that gets channeled through these social media channels. Is your business monitoring your social media sites to see what the masses are saying about your brand? If not, you should.

Quickly Identify Concerns Before They Become A Major Brand Issue

Identify. One bad comment about your company can spread like wildfire through the social media community. It’s enough to make any business owner want to bury their head in the sand. But you don’t have to ignore what the masses are saying about you – quite the opposite! You, or your social media agent, should employ social media monitoring tactics on a regular basis to track down comments made by disgruntled consumers.

Address. After you identify any comments that could tarnish your brand, it’s important to address them. Remember that any response in a social media platform is public and that your comments spread and will be seen around the globe, just like your consumers’. Always respond appropriately; think professional, positive, and personal – try to avoid ‘canned’ responses that are likely to upset customers even more.  

Remedy. Finally, and most importantly, have a plan for remedy. If one particular customer is extremely unhappy, can you offer them something? If you find a consistent trend of negative comments about a particular product or service, can you change it? Whatever your plan for remedy, let consumers know.

Monitor The GOOD Stuff Too!

It’s easy to get caught up in the negative comments, but it’s important to monitor positive customer feedback too! The good stuff is important to help reinforce current marketing initiatives; when you’re doing things right, your customers recognize it, and they’re usually more than happy to spread the good word on their social media sites. Monitor the positive things being said about your business, thank your customers when you can, and use it as an opportunity to toot your own horn.

Scope Out What’s Being Said About The Competition

Who says you only have to engage in social media monitoring on your own business? Always initiate social media monitoring on your competition. It’s a great way to find out what’s working (and what isn’t working) for them.

Social Media Monitoring Tools

If you’re ready to engage in social media monitoring, you’re probably wondering ‘how?’ There are many social media monitoring tools on the market; some free, some will cost you, some are easy to use, some are best left to the professionals. If you just want to dabble your toes in the water, a great place to start is with Google Alerts. This free tool allows you to enter keyword searches then receive updates to your email or through an RSS feed. Keep in mind that almost all social media monitoring tools are keyword based, so you should keep tabs on things such as your company name, product names, service names, etc. 

Social Media Branding can help you handle every aspect of your social media strategy. We can build a social media presence for you from the ground up, or just jump in when you’re ready to engage in social media monitoring strategies. Contact us today to find out how we can help!

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Kim Garst has been a Mompreneur for almost 20 years and has built a 7 figure income from her home office. Currently, she shares her business and marketing savvy through coaching and consulting with clients around the world. Kim specializes in helping you get more sales, more leads and more clients utilizing the incredibly viral power of social media and the Internet as a whole. Her systems are easy to implement and get extra-ordinary results for small businesses as well as new and established solopreneurs. Be sure to visit Kim’s site: Kim

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