DIY Maternity Clothes: Save Money & Create Gorgeous Maternity Outfits!

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Off-the-rack maternity clothes can be very expensive and can only be worn for a few months. It makes sense to do-it-yourself when you can. DIY maternity clothes are easier to craft than fitted dresses and pants or shorts. You can even re-make some of your old wardrobe items into fun and gorgeous maternity outfits.

You don’t have to be able to sew like your grandmother in order to create some serviceable clothes that you’ll be proud to show off in your new state of pregnancy. Many guides and patterns exist online. Here are a few examples of how you can save money and create your own maternity outfits:

Jeans – Remove the waistband from a pair of jeans and then sew on a band of stretchy knit fabric (from a tube top or T-shirt) to create a comfy and attractive pair of jeans.
Blouse – Cut the bottom half of a close-fitting top and then sew on a piece of fabric that reaches below your belly or that expands to give you a close, but attractive fit.
Skirt – Create cute skirts for the time you’re in maternity clothes by cutting of the top band of the skirt and then sewing a band of stretchy knit fabric (the same as re-constructing the jeans) or soft, stretch elastic.
T-Shirts – Transform your favorite t-shirts into maternity tops by cutting the two seams on either side and adding stretchy fabric to expand. You can also sew elastic in the seam and create a ruche effect for comfort and style.

Pick up used clothing that you like at flea markets or thrift stores and then transform them using some of the techniques mentioned above. You’ll be proud of your creation and it will save you tons of money on a type of clothing that you only wear for a short amount of time.

Many items you’d pay a high price for in maternity shops can be frumpy and unattractive to your particular body style. Using DIY techniques to create your own lets you have more flexibility in what you would like to wear.

You can even re-do a swim suit into a stylish piece of maternity clothing that you’ll be proud to wear on the beach or around the pool. There’s no limit to what you can do yourself to transform or create maternity clothes to wear during this wonderful time of your life.

Look online and in books to find a plethora of ideas, patterns and step-by-step instructions on how to make or re-make clothing items into a maternity wardrobe for yourself or someone you love.

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