Food and Mood!

 Grumpy?  Irritated?  Angry?  Depressed?  Anxious?  Short-tempered?teenage depression - teen woman sitting thinking




That makes you no fun to be around.  You want to be fun, don’t you?  You want to feel good, right?


I have one question.


What are you eating? 


Here’s a little story for you.  After I had my first daughter 12 years ago, I was overcome with major postpartum depression.  I was totally blindsided by it.  There is no history of depression in our family, nor did I have any history of depression.  We were thrilled to be blessed with our first beautiful daughter.  But, I went downhill fast.  Couldn’t sleep.  Couldn’t laugh.  And, I was completely overwhelmed.

I wish I knew then what I know now. 

My nutrition back then was lacking, to say the least.  I never ate raw, leafy greens.  I drank way too little water.  And, I ate way too much sugar in the form of processed foods and soft drinks.  Pretzels and Dr. Pepper was my go-to snack, all day long.  I really had no idea how food and mood were connected.  And, this connection is something that is overlooked by society in general.

Now, hear this.  I’m not saying that there is never a place for medical intervention.  I’m just saying to look at nutrition first, and then go from there.  

So, here are some simple things you can ADD IN to your daily nourishment to improve your mood.


  1. Enjoy more fresh, leafy greens, fruits, and veggies.  Eat all the colors of the rainbow!  Just looking at those colorful fruits and veggies will make you feel better.  Imagine how they will affect your body when all of that goodness gets in there!  The living enzymes in fresh, raw fruits and veggies affect your body in an amazing way.  They make you feel ALIVE!
  2. Keep yourself hydrated with fresh, pure water.  Forget the other stuff out there (soft drinks, coffee) and focus on water to improve your mood.  Hydrating your cells and your brain is imperative for overall health and happiness. 
  3. Crowd out the high-sugar, processed foods.  These “food” items are completely void of nutrients and can rob your body of essential vitamins and minerals.  Sugar creates a highly acidic environment in your body and feeds disease.  And, these fake foods create brain fog, fatigue, and feelings of “blah.” 
  4. Simplify your food.  Go for things with fewer ingredients.  You don’t need all of those added preservatives and chemicals…imagine what those things are doing to your mood!  Focus on foods with no labels, like all the goodies in the produce section!  Choosing healthy is simple, and simple health will keep you happy.
  5. Add in some essential oils, or as I call them, God’s medicine!  Essential oils come from plants and powerfully support mental and physical well being.  For mood issues, try lavender, citrus oils, or peppermint.  These oils can be diffused, massaged onto your body, or even taken internally (if you are using oils that are ingestible). 


So, if your overall mood is off kilter, evaluate your nutrition first.  Also, look at your physical activity and stress reduction.  When all of those things are working for you, your mood will improve in no time.

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Casey Sollock is a holistic wellness coach, women's speaker, and author. She loves inspiring mompreneurs to optimize their health, shine their light, and change the world! True health and happiness emerge when body, mind, and spirit are well-nourished and living in harmony. She also works with brides-to-be to accomplish their ideal image for their walk down the aisle! Casey invites you to enjoy a complimentary copy of the comprehensive holistic wellness book, Integrative Nutrition, at her website, She Shines Wellness

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