Growing and Thriving In Your Relationship

Is your relationship growing and thriving or have you hit that bump in the road, needing to get connected again? Relationships take work. They have to be a priority in your life or they easily get sat on the back burner until it’s too late to rebuild them. Being a team, growing together daily and making your relationship thrive is what makes your life together so amazing. When you face a struggle with your daily life you know that you have that one person you can go to and can get through anything together because you are a team.  You put in the work to make it so. 

Relationships are difficult. Our lives are swirling daily with so many things to accomplish, families to care and provide for, work to be done, bills to be paid. The list seems endless, so it is easy to get so caught up in all of it that we forget to do things together and build our relationship. Instead,  partners tend to go in opposite directions thinking it will be easier, quicker, and more efficient to getting things done, never realizing you are growing apart. No one gets married thinking that one day they will be divorced.

But sadly, this is happening more often. Why not take daily steps to ensure you are growing and thriving as a couple?  Why not make your relationship lasting?  Relationships are all about give and take.  Do things so that your partner knows you are doing your best to “BE” all that they are needing.  Show them how much you care and value your relationship. 

Here are some simple, easy steps to help ensure a lasting relationship you have always wanted:


When you make a mistake, say or do something you know you shouldn’t have, say you are sorry. Do you best to make amends and correct what is wrong. Often times people struggle to say “I am sorry” even when they know they are wrong.  Don’t keep silent waiting for what you think will be the right moment. This only causes a rift between you and tension to build. Say it and mean it wholeheartedly and immediately. Set your ego aside and “Just do it”.

Be Yourself

Your partner knew you before you made this commitment to each other so don’t try to be someone or something you are not. It will never work.  Your partner liked you for who you were when they met you. Sure life causes us to grow and change but if you were lively and outgoing before don’t change that. You will find that you are unhappy because you have hidden who you really are and eventually that person has to “come out”.   Base your relationships on being authentic.  If not you are headed for disaster.

Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself also means reflecting on how you feel about your relationship.  Often times when we have a partner we let things go.  Instead you should maintain your health and keep your relationship alive.  Sleep, exercise and proper nutrition are all key ingredients in a successful relationship. When you are healthy you are happy and that happiness is what you will be able to give naturally to your partner.

Compliment, Compliment, Compliment

We see and notice things daily about people. Many times those thoughts just stay in our heads and we never voice them.  It can be anything from as simple as saying thank you for helping get the dishes done, to cleaning the cars, serving them dinner, etc. Even if it is not done exactly as you might have done it, saying thank you builds your relationship. It’s not always how well something has been done but yet that someone took the time and put forth their best effort to do for you.   Instead of criticizing, accept what has been done for you and show gratitude.

Learn from Your Mistakes

When you make a mistake learn from it. Make a mental note and do not repeat it.  Just saying “I am sorry” doesn’t grant you permission to repeat the mistake. It means you knew you messed up, are genuinely sorry, and have learned from it. 

Listen to How You Talk

When you have been in a relationship for a while you get comfortable. Sometimes you do not realize how you are speaking to each other. You have so much going on you don’t notice that you sigh, respond with short answers leaving the other person to think they are bothering you.  Take time to listen and to hear what your partner is really saying to you.  Pay attention to the tone in your voice and answer in a positive way so that your partner feels like you really care and are interested in what they have to say.

Prepare their Favorite Meal

If your partner has a favorite meal, take some time to prepare it for them and turn it into a special occasion.  Get dressed up, light some candles and when they come home, surprise them.  This will let your partner know just how much you care about them. 

Embrace Change

Everyone changes, it is impossible not to.  Instead of thinking that everything has to remain as it once was, accept the fact that it is not possible and learn to embrace change. Change can be good for both of you.  With each and every experience we go through in life we are growing, and changing. Our perspectives change as we mature and being open to this and sharing it with our partners helps you to grow together and not apart. Instead of getting upset, talk things through and find a common ground on which to thrive.

Do the Unexpected

If you always do the same thing, your relationship will never grow and thrive. We all get caught up in routines and sometimes we need to remember to change it up.  If you always kiss your partner the same way as you leave for work, change it up. Instead of that same kiss on the lips, lean in a bit more and kiss them gently on the neck.  Surprise!!   Put that smile on their face as they head to work. You will be glad you did.

Nurture Your Relationship

The grass is not greener!!  Too many  times people get tired of working on their relationships and think that instead of doing the work it is just easier to go to move on to a new person.  This is not true.  Instead of throwing away the years and time you put into your relationship, make it better by nurturing it. Work together to build it into that dream relationship.  The grass is only as green as the water you give it.  

As you can see these are easy, simple steps that you can incorporate into your lives on a daily basis.  It’s so important to build your relationship and to make it thrive and become all that your heart desires not only for yourself but your partner. 

I would love to hear your comments below on what steps that you take to grow and keep your relationship thriving. Thanks!

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    Lauryn Doll says:

    Thank you for this post. I see a few things I could do better, like compliment my partner more often. I’m just… shy. LOL

  2. 2

    Relationships are complex, however applying these tips will go a long way towards forging strong relationships. It is vital to keep relationships alive through uplifting communication.

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