Have You Chosen Your Word For The Year?

Have you chosen your word of the year?

Each and every year you are given the opportunity to start fresh and new. With the newness of the year instead of resolutions that will inevitably be broken, why not choose a word for the year? However, don’t choose just any word; choose a word that you can live up to each and everyday. Choose a word that will help you remain on track as well as embrace the newness that the new year brings.

The word I chose for last year was ‘believe’. I chose that word to help me believe in myself and in my actions. It was not enough for others to believe in me because if you don’t believe in yourself it truly doesn’t matter. So, the entire year I wrote the word ‘believe’ in my journal and daily planner to remind me to believe in myself and believe in my family and to believe that my mission was one that would truly help many.

The word I have chosen for this year is ‘focus’. Being the type of person that can be easily distracted, it is important for me to focus. Are you the same way? There is nothing wrong with being this type of person as long as you acknowledge that you are this way and do things to help you. The word ‘focus’ will help me to take action and truly remain on track with my daily responsibilities and again my mission of educating and helping the public live happier and healthier lives.

Have you chosen your word for the year?

It can be a word that you keep to yourself or one that you share with others to help keep you accountable. Instead of a resolution, choose a word that will help you live a happier, less stressful and healthier lifestyle.  Choose a word that will resonate with you. But most importantly don’t be quick in choosing this word. Be sure to take some time, be quiet and still and choose your word wisely. For some, the word will come quickly, while for others it may take several days or weeks. 

So, don’t focus on resolutions that may not last. Instead choose a word that will inspire you and keep you focused. Whether it is believe, focus, self-confidence, breathe, etc…make sure it is one that YOU and only you choose. 

Have you chosen your word? If you have, share it with us…

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    Terri Babers says:

    Along with several other Christian Ladies I have also chosen the word “Focus.”

    As a way for us to Focus on Focus for the year I am creating an online journaling course where we will receive a journaling assignment each week that contains a part of the scripture that speaks to “focus.” As we journal we will be able to share our reflections and our “aha!” moments with each other, to build each other up through questions, feedback, observations and prayer. (daily reflection and response it the online journal is integral to my coaching process).

    It isn’t quite ready for release but I’d love to invite other believing women to join us. Should be ready next week.

    It is designed so that we can join at any time…so that if a woman decides to join in May, she will begin at the begining but still have full sharing and support from women who have started earlier.

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