Holistic Health Tip #13 – Improve Your Food Choices

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Holistic Health Tips #13

Holistic Health Tip #13

This tip may seem pretty simple and basic but many people who eat unhealthy diets believe that they are following a sound nutritional plan. However, these same individuals often do not include fruits and vegetables with every meal and often eat meals on the go without giving it a second thought. 

If you want your body to perform on its optimum level you must make the correct food choices. A simple way of remembering this concept is by looking at the type of fuel you add to your vehicle’s gasoline tank. If you want your vehicle to perform at the highest of levels, you will choose a higher grade of gasoline and to keep it running smoothly you will check the oil and maintenance it often. Why would you take care of your vehicle that an be replaced better than your body which can not be replaced? 

If you want your body to perform at high-efficiency levels then you must choose high-efficiency foods such as whole foods, raw foods, and less processed and preservatives. Let’s face it..if you treat your body right it will perform right; the choice is ultimately yours. 

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  1. 1

    Great post again Daisy. I think anyone who wants to make the shift toward healthier food choices should do it gradually. It is easier to make and maintain small changes than trying to implement a major overhaul all at once. Baby steps. It reminds me of the movie “Dr Bob” with Richard Dreyfuss and Bill Murray. Have you seen it?

  2. 2
    Wade Balsdon says:

    So important to feed the body with the right fuel, Too many people eat all the wrong foods and then wonder why their health is shot to hell.

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