Holistic Health Tips #19 – Hot Water

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Holistic Health Tips #19

Holistic Health Tips 19

This may sound as an odd tip to share during the hot summer months but your lymphatic system doesn’t understand seasons. So, while fancy juice fasts and raw diets can be great for some people at certain times of the year, there’s a much simpler way to detoxify your body, based on Ayurvedic medicine.

The simple secret? Hot water. Drink it. Keep a big cup next to you throughout the day and sip on it every chance you get. Getting cold? Dump the old stuff and boil a fresh pot. Drinking hot water softens the lymph tissues, allowing them to filter toxins from your body. The lymphatic system is huge – twice the size of the blood system – and plays the largest role in cleansing the body. 

Your lymph system drains fluids out of your body, ridding you of toxins and bacteria while squashing annoying water retention. You’ll feel more fluid and comfortable after just one day of sipping the hot stuff. 

If that’s not enough incentive, 80% of your immune system is housed in your lymphatic system. Loosening up lymph tissues and allowing them to do their intended job protects against illness. Your body can’t detoxify when it’s holding on to toxic free radicals. Facilitating your lymph system is key to feeling great. When your system is running smoothly, issues like rashes, sore throats, bloating and even joint pain are likely to dissolve. Drinking hot water is a simple first step to optimizing your bodies detoxification abilities. 

Hot water – try it.


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    Thanks for sharing Daisy. While the idea of drinking hot water creeps me out, I am going to give it a bash :-)

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