Holistic Health Tips #4 – Reiki Healing

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Here’s Today Holistic Health Tips #4

Try Reiki Healing – Reiki is a healing art that uses the body’s energy to begin and further the healing process. The procedure uses the hands to follow a specific pattern of massage, in order to stimulate energy movement throughout the body. There are many Reiki healers who are specially trained to perform the healing massage or you can read about it or take a class to become a proficient Reiki healer yourself. Again it is best to go to a professional who has been fully trained in order to receive this procedure or be trained in it yourself.

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  1. 1
    Len Thomas says:

    You are nearly right about Reiki but what is not suggested is that it is the dis-ease within the psychic/emotional body that is removed and creates a sence of calm that allows the physical to self heal. It is not an art it is a procedure that very few are capable of using, the majority are spiritual healers.
    The next question is “What is Reiki”, not to be confused with what it does.
    The answer to that question really shows the difference between the practitioners.

  2. 2
    Wade Balsdon says:

    I had Reiki treatment for gout many years ago. I was amazed that it worked. I was painfree the next day, no drugs just Reiki.

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