Holistic Health Tips #6 – Avoid The Television

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Holistic Health Tips #6

Try to avoid the television –  Wait! What? Yes, you read that correctly…try to avoid television. Believe it or not, television actually induces negative feelings in most viewers as a result of the commonplace violence and gossip. Television viewing is not nearly as relaxing as some people claim. In fact the television is more of a stimulant and will keep you awake as well as engrossed to the point where you neglect your responsibilities and affect your health and well being in a negative fashion.

Consider giving up your television shows for a week, replacing them with other activities. Some activities can include reading, to stimulate your brain as well as out door physical activity to stimulate your mind and muscles. You will be truly amazed at how much extra time you will have. You will most likely find that you are also better rested, happier and less stressed at the end of that week.

Unfortunately television watching has become a household routine. But, once you let go of the routine of watching television your health and relationships will improve. 

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  1. 1

    Great advice but not that easy to follow. I love TV.

  2. 2
    Wade Balsdon says:

    Shew! I would really struggle with this one as I love TV. I find it a great way to relax and to get away from my stress. I do agree that it is healthier to avoid TV than to watch it though :-)

    • 2.1
      Dr. Daisy Sutherland says:

      Ha, Wade!:) You certainly sound like my hubby…he would not survive without television…whereas I can take it or leave it:) We did an experiment in our home that included NO TV for 3 weeks…it was tough in the beginning but within a few days, the family was communicating more, playing board games, building puzzles and reading…now we have a time frame for tv time and no tv time..it works:)

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