How To Dramatically Increase Your Visibility and Engagement on Facebook

How To Dramatically Increase Your Visibility and Engagement on FacebookFacebook is one of the largest social media giants of our day, and people, in general, tend to spend a large amount of time on Facebook, interacting with peers and colleagues. However, sometimes on Facebook, because of the amounts of posts from other people coming in, your own post tends to get buried beneath the flood of content or else is forgotten because of a lack of originality. So, how do you use your Facebook to dramatically increase your visibility and engagement with friends and others? 

One way that your interaction with Facebook could be optimized is by merely being amusing. Posts that relate to humor tend to capture people’s attentions more than posts that are merely thought-provoking or deep but lack humor. Anything with humor in it will invariably receive more likes than things that may be more boring or bland. After all, who doesn’t appreciate humor, right?

Something else that you could do in order to make sure people notice you– and who doesn’t want that, really?– is through regular posting. Everyone has those Facebook contacts who are constantly flooding Facebook with posts. Isn’t it so easy sometimes to miss one or two posts by someone else if they’re squeezed in-between those more prolific status updaters? If you post regularly, it’s more likely that some of those posts are going to be noticed, guaranteed!

One other way is to ask questions. Encouraging people to interact with you on your Facebook becomes especially easy if you ask people questions. It works best when the questions are easy to answer, of course, but any question would do the trick. Questions that are also more likely to work are questions that people find a reason to answer– something they’re interested in, for instance, an important cause or even something as simple as a band they like.

Have you even noticed someone who only posts similar statuses like “How’s your day today?” or “So, how’s your day going?”. We certainly appreciate their concern, but sometimes it’s easier to ignore posts like this if they are routine. Changing up the content of your Facebook updates regularly will be appreciated by your fans, trust me on this! If people have realized that your content is going to vary from day to day, they will always be intrigued as to what your latest updates will be, and some of them are bound to seek your page out without even having to see any of your updates on the news feed.

If done, these few tips will all ensure that your visibility and engagement on Facebook will be increased, and your interactions optimized. And it’s a worthwhile goal, after all– if more people are interacting with you on Facebook, your relationships are sure to prosper!

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