How To Get More Traffic and Increase Sales

In sitting down to write this blog, it was clear that I could share a number of tips, tricks and techniques to get more traffic and increase sales.  But, without first evaluating where you are within your business and social media marketing, these tips would most likely become shinny objects, or worse yet, distractions.

Thus, before you try implementing the traffic and sales techniques I have provided below, take a moment to answer the following questions.  Find out where you are in your business and what “next steps” would be best for you.

With each of the following statements choose to either strongly disagree or strongly agree.

Part 1 Traffic –

I easily generate 25+ leads a day. (Strongly agree or strongly disagree)

I am not dependent on one traffic source such as Facebook, because I easily generate leads from several social media platforms. 

Prospects love to watch my videos

At least 20% of my Facebook Fans engage with me on my Facebook Fan Page

I feel scattered in my list building efforts.

I’m afraid to purchase a paid ad on Facebook because I worry it won’t be cost effective.

Part 1 Sales –

If I were asked to lead a webinar, tomorrow, for 100 salivating prospects, I would feel unsure about how to give an offer that would convert at least 10% of them to paying customers

My business and social media is so well automated that I can leave on my two week vacation and still make the same amount of money from my business as if I never left.

I’ve created a “sales letter video” that has improved my sales conversion by at least 5%.

Part 2 Traffic –

How did it go for you in part 1 traffic section? Are you easily generating leads from several social media platforms?

If not –

It is time to do a comparative analysis…big words that simply mean it’s time for you to look at what you’re doing right.  Start by looking at the social media platforms that are generating the most leads for you.  Why is that? What’s different?

Do you spend more time on that platform?  Are you better at follow up and engagement there?

Having automated messages sent out to each of your platforms is only the first step. You then need to follow up with engagement.

Engagement takes place in two forms.  First, you want to engage with those who have directly responded, shared or re-tweeted your message. Second, (the step most people never reach) you want to engage on OTHER people’s pages. This means leaving meaningful comments and shares on other people’s posts.

This second step in engagement can bring huge amounts of traffic back to you.

Do Prospects love to watch your videos?

If not –

Now, I realize you may not fully know the answer to this question. Those who did watch your video may have loved it, and just not said anything, right? WRONG!

If a prospect loves your video they are going to share it, and they are going to get their friends to watch it. So while it may not feel good to admit it, if you’re videos are NOT getting a ton of views, then your prospects are NOT loving your videos.

How can you get the love?

The number one mistake I see with videos is that they are TOO LONG! Keep your videos under 3 minutes.  If you can’t explain everything you want to in 3 minutes, then break it up. Instead of giving 3 tips in 1 video, give 1 tip and make 3 videos!

The second biggest mistake is your introduction.  You have 3 seconds or less to capture your audiences attention.  If you start by introducing yourself, you’ve lost them. 

Instead, ask a question or give a benefit.  You need to provide your prospects with a reason to stick around for 3 minutes.  Then, once you’ve hooked them, take 10 seconds to introduce yourself. (Notice I said 10 seconds not 1 minute)

Do you have at least 20% engagement on your fan page?

If not –

If you are not getting the engagement you want on your fan page, aka. 20%, then you need to become more engaged.  By this I mean, go out and engage on other fan pages, especially other fan pages in your niche or in complimentary niches. 

Find fan pages that do have a lot of engagement and jump into the conversation.  Fans there will take notice, check you and your fan page out, and soon bring the conversation to you.

Be Patient.  The key to this is patience and persistence. Taking action today and not seeing immediate results doesn’t mean failure. Serena Williams didn’t become a star tennis player the first time she hit a ball. This is a daily commitment. Get serious!

Part 2 Sales –

How did it go for you in the part 1 sales section? Do you know how to convert at least 10% of prospects at the end of a webinar?

If not –

If you want to increase sales, it is time to look at your products. Does each product answer a single need? How hungry is your audience for that answer? If your product answers more than 3 needs it is too confusing. 

Remember, confused minds don’t buy.  If you’re saying too much in one product, break it up into a number of smaller products.  Then you can sell them individually or as a clear, packaged bundle.

Likewise, if you only have 1 product, you are doing yourself a disservice.  Make sure you have products that reach people a multiple price points.  Not everyone is going to start at the lowest end product and work his or her way up. 

In fact, the more products you have, the more trustworthy you become and the more likely prospects are to jump to higher products immediately.

Could you go on vacation for 2 weeks and still bring in your same income?

If not –

It is time to come up with a plan. What automated systems do you need to put in place so that you could go on vacation for 2 weeks and still bring in the same level of income you are now?

Even if you don’t plan on taking a 2-week vacation (please DON’T let that be you…you are an entrepreneur after all, time freedom is money freedom!), the message still applies.

When you put automated systems in place that could free you up for a 2-week vacation, you can use them right now! This gives you the opportunity to do even bigger things in your business.  You could book a speaking gig or write that book you’ve been meaning to. Give yourself the freedom! You deserve it!

Have you ever created a sales letter video that has improved your sales?

If not –

With so much information on the web and so many people selling similar products, prospects need to know that they can trust YOU! One of the quickest ways to building trust (if you can’t meet them face-to-face or over the phone) is through video.

Now, sales letter videos can be longer than 3 minutes. In fact, they sometimes run 25 to 60 minutes.  But, if this is your first go, keep it short, simple and to the point! Watch other sales videos and take notes on what you liked and what you didn’t like.  Decide how you can incorporate them into your own video. 

In the meantime, practice, practice, practice. 

A great way to do this is by making a weekly video blog.  The more comfortable you become in front of the camera, the better!

How did you score in the traffic and sales sections of part 1?

Did you have an “ah-ha” moment?

What changes are you going to make to your business to increase traffic and sales? 

About Kim Garst (35 Posts)

Kim Garst has been a Mompreneur for almost 20 years and has built a 7 figure income from her home office. Currently, she shares her business and marketing savvy through coaching and consulting with clients around the world. Kim specializes in helping you get more sales, more leads and more clients utilizing the incredibly viral power of social media and the Internet as a whole. Her systems are easy to implement and get extra-ordinary results for small businesses as well as new and established solopreneurs. Be sure to visit Kim’s site: Kim

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    Kelly Green says:

    Kim, I haven’t added my score, I am scared to look! I really need to better job of scheduling (& sticking to) my SM efforts. Thanks for sharing this!

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    nichesuite says:

    nice post.. thanks for sharing…………… :)

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