Immediate Stress Reduction in One SIMPLE Step

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I’m sitting outside writing this today.  I hear birds singing, my daughter talking sweetly as she colors her picture beside me, our garden growing with wholesome veggies, and beadlets of rain on the grass from our afternoon rain shower. 

 I also see a yard that needs to be mowed.  Children’s toys scattered all over the place.  A dog that needs to be groomed desperately.  And, bugs attacking one plot of our garden.  Ugh.

 Which will I focus on?  That’s a simple and important question because whichever I CHOOSE to focus on will affect my stress level, either positively or negatively.  I can SIMPLY choose to focus on the good and allow that to wash over my soul with gratitude and thanksgiving.  Or, I can SIMPLY focus on the bad and allow that to wash over my soul with yuckiness and blah.


Either choice is simple.  Either choice is life-changing.

Which will you choose?  And, why is it important?

 Let’s explore that for a moment.

  1. Stress is acidifying to the body.  Really, it’s as bad as sugar.  We want to maintain a healthy acid/alkaline balance.  That means loading up on alkalizing veggies and leafy greens, and reducing acidifying factors that affect our bodies…sugar, caffeine, and stress, to name a few.
  2. Stress releases a hormone called cortisol.  Too much cortisol in your body creates problems like a weakened immune system, weight gain, cardiovascular issues, and depression (from
  3. Too much stress makes it difficult to sleep.  If you’re not getting enough sleep, you can suffer from mood disorders, poor decision-making, cravings, and more.  Our bodies need uninterrupted, good sleep, each night, so they can refresh and recover.  They need good quality rest to be ready to take on another day. 

We live in a stressed-out society.  Have you noticed?  Moving at 100 miles an hour, never stopping, never taking a break.  Overworked and overwhelmed. Sound familiar?

God didn’t intend for us to live life this way.  He intended us to slow down and smell the roses.  Listen to a child’s laughter.  Take a stroll in nature.  Enjoy the beauty around us.  Appreciate the blessings. 

Reduce your stress today by SIMPLY CHOOSING to focus on the good…or, on the God…in life.


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Casey Sollock is a holistic wellness coach, women's speaker, and author. She loves inspiring mompreneurs to optimize their health, shine their light, and change the world! True health and happiness emerge when body, mind, and spirit are well-nourished and living in harmony. She also works with brides-to-be to accomplish their ideal image for their walk down the aisle! Casey invites you to enjoy a complimentary copy of the comprehensive holistic wellness book, Integrative Nutrition, at her website, She Shines Wellness

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    Nice post Casey, it’s scary that stress is so detrimental to the body. We all need to work at limiting ou/r bad stress as much as possible.

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