It’s Time to Make it a Habit

You’ve probably heard that if y0u do an action for at least 21 days it becomes a habit. It’s time to change your method of thinking and while you’re at it make a habit out of it. What exactly do I mean by that? 

Quite simply make a habit of switching your thought process into one of action and positivity instead of negativity and excuses. Oh yeah, I went there! Excuses are used when people have either run out of ideas or simply are afraid to make difficult decisions. Those difficult decisions lead to difficult actions and many are simply afraid. 

It saddens me to see the many people that possess great potential, giving up. But what saddens me the most is the acceptance from those around the people who have chosen to give up. My goodness, if I ever thought of giving up on a task because it was difficult, I was pushed by the people around me to not give up but to instead work harder. Why are people today so complacent? Why aren’t more working harder to achieve their dreams? More importantly why are you surrounding yourself with people who won’t push you to the ultimate limits?

It’s time to ‘Get Real‘ people! I can share motivational words in hopes that it will spark some energy in you to keep moving forward. But I’ve noticed that it takes much more than words to motivate individuals. Sometimes it requires a person to be completely ‘broken’ before they are open to suggestions. But I’ve also noticed that even during the weakest moments some individuals still won’t listen or believe that they have the power within them to make a difference and truly succeed. In the end if the individual doesn’t believe or have a burning desire to achieve greatness then it won’t happen. 

In order for you to succeed in your life, your health, your business and your relationships you must acquire a habit of positive thinking.  This is not as easy as it sounds. It is so much easier to give up and drown yourself in your sorrows. Yes, it’s easier to simply give up and give in to your weaknesses. However, if you truly want to succeed and be happy, then you must be willing to dig deep within and pull out the drive and desire that lives within you.

It is hard work and fortitude that will help you succeed.

It is the habit of waking up each and every morning with the thought that your day will be a great one that will keep you moving forward.

It is the habit of smiling as soon as you open your eyes in the morning that will change your thought process. 

It is the burning desire within you to achieve greatness that will help you succeed in life.

Is everyone born with a burning desire? Absolutely! However there are only a select few that will not give up after failure. Instead will learn from the failures and continue to move forward. Imagine if Thomas Edison had given up after all of his failures? Instead of giving up, he pushed forward and you can do the same. 

Make it a habit to think positively. Make it a habit to smile the moment you open your eyes each day. Make it a habit to be truly thankful and grateful each and every day. 

Don’t simply read motivational words, make an effort to live those words and start by turning it into a habit.

About Dr. Daisy Sutherland (816 Posts)

Dr. Daisy Sutherland is a doctor, author, speaker, healthy living brand ambassador, wife & mom to 5 children. Dr. Daisy's mission is to ~ Help Busy Moms and Families achieve Happier and Healthier Lifestyles.

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  1. 1

    GREAT post – EXACTLY how I feel & try to tell people also!!!

  2. 2
    Christopher says:

    WOW ! ! ! ! You hit the nail on the head.

  3. 3

    You can change anything in your life if you really want it badly enough.

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