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Have you ever stopped to wonder how many life lessons we must continue to endure? Is it possible to simply live life without learning anything more than what we already do? I’m sure you know the answer to the last question however, are we happy with the answer.

Our entire life is made up of lessons, like chapters in a book. Lessons that have been taught to us and those we’ve had to learn on our own. Lessons we enjoyed learning and lessons we wished we could forget. Lessons we will pass on to our children and others we will take to our grave and of course the many more lessons we will continue to have throughout our life time.

Can you recall the lessons you’ve learned to date? If you are a seasoned individual you may have encountered some life lessons that some of us may never experience. Those are the lessons that we should share with others. Some lessons are passed on from generation to generation and become an almost-ritual in a sense. For instance, my Mama taught me how to cook and more specifically she taught me to cook foods that I could then make for my own family in hopes that the lessons would live on. Those are some great life lessons that I don’t mind sharing but just like all of us, I’ve also endured lessons I’d rather not repeat.

Do you have lessons that you would rather not share with your family, friends and children? There was a time that I thought I would never want to share such lessons with my family but I’ve come to realize that they are not life lessons if they are not shared. If you keep them to yourself, they become distant memories when in fact they can become lessons to teach the future generations.

All of our experiences whether good or bad are considered life lessons especially if they teach us something in return. A bad experience is a life lesson because it can teach us how to make better decisions and choices. The main reason I share this with you today is to remind you that we all have experiences in our lives; if we didn’t our lives would be boring and mundane. The experiences we encounter are all part of our lives and therefore life lessons.

Of course its easy to simply focus on the great experiences and pass those on to our family and friends but remember that the bad experiences may be more meaningful. It’s amazing what we learn from the bad experiences and keeping them to ourselves would simply be selfish. Think back to what you would consider a life lesson and share it with your family and friends. You’ll be surprised how many people you can actually teach from the great experiences and the silly ones too.

Don’t keep it to yourself..open up your book of life and share those lessons with others.


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    Aurelia says:

    What a beautiful post. It took me some time to realize that sharing the Jard life lessons that I learned with others is very beneficial. I’ve since then tried to share all of my lessons (Both good and bad) With others.

    • 1.1
      Dr. Mommy says:

      Thanks for visiting Ms. Aurelia! Yes, it’s so very important to share all our life lessons and some point in our lives…both the good and the bad:)

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