Six Artsy Father’s Day Gifts to Make in Your Homeschool

father-day-iconsIsn’t it interesting that the last paragraph of the Old Testament includes: “And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers…” It’s about restoration.

Something Special

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so why not do something to restore anything that might be lost in the father-child relationship in your homeschool? And if nothing has been lost, reinforce the good!

After my mother passed away at the beginning of 2012, my siblings and I went through everything. I found Father’s Day and Mother’s Day cards my children created in homeschool for my parents. I realize that there is a Grandparent’s Day now, but we either weren’t aware or it didn’t exist when my children were growing up. My parents cherished these little tokens of love so much that they kept them in special containers.

My children created pictures of my father working with wood, laughing, petting animals, and hugging kids. Some of these were drawn and some were cut out shapes glued to construction paper.

Six Fun Projects for Father’s Day

Everyone sends or creates a card. But here are some fun creative and educational ideas that could also be considered art (or practical art) in your homeschool.

  • Instead of sending an ecard, create your own — a free website on Upload pictures, messages from the kids, and music. Create sound files of the kids singing something or playing their instruments. Or create and upload a video with messages. Send Dad a link! A couple of my children were into composing music. If we had the internet back then, I might create a video of their special Father’s Day music!
  • Create a piece of art using found objects. Tell the kids to use something significant to their dad, or a picture of him in the art they create. Here are some pins of found object art.
  • This one is totally cool. Create an altered book! All you need is an old, unwanted book and whatever is hanging around. It’s a fabulous art form. Here are some pins of altered books, and here is a blog on altered books.
  • Make a dream board for Dad. Get one of those presentation foam boards that fold out and cut out places Dad wants to go and things he wants to do. Make copies of pictures of him. Glue these into the pictures of places and activities as though he already participated!
  • Create a restaurant at home complete with table cloth, table decorations, restaurant sign and a menu with two items on it. Both should be his favorites. Of course the kids already cooked both in advance so he won’t have to wait too long! The kids create, cook and serve!
  • Why not create a play or even just a commercial that the kids can perform for Dad? You can combine this idea with the restaurant too!

All of these can be included in your children’s art portfolio!  I hope your family has a blast on Father’s Day! Please come back and tell me about the Father’s Day project your children created! I’d love to see pictures too!

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    Some of the best presents kids can give their dads are home made.

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