Spring Clean Up: Make Money From It

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Spring is the time for renewal, which is why, after a long, pent-up winter, we open up the windows of our homes and become inspired to clean, purge and pretty things up.

I’m a huge proponent of a more minimalist lifestyle, and purging things that are not used, useful or are wasting space makes sense to me.

Recently, I’ve seen more and more posts popping up that appeal to my minimalist and frugal side: Clean out your clutter and make money from your spring cleaning!

How awesome is that idea? Your home will be leaner and your saving will be fatter (or, consider making a nice donation to your favorite charity.)

To Get You Started

Clothes: As you pull out your Spring and Summer clothes, now is the time to assess your wardrobe: Do they still fit? Did you wear them last year? Are they old and tired? Do you even like them? If you answer “No” to any of these, pull them out, and set them aside to sell on eBay, take to a consignment shop, sell at a yard sale, or donate. (I know this is about making money, but there are many who could benefit from your nice cast-offs).

DVDs and Books: iTunes and Kindle rule these days, but don’t discount the fact that there are many who still love a good old-fashioned book, video or DVD. Surely you have books or videos that you read/saw once and will never read/watch again. Someone else will be happy to take them off your hands. Check out MusicMagpie for selling them. (They make it simple) Or try selling them to a store that pays for used items, or sell them yourself on Amazon, a yard sale etc.

Kid’s Toys: The kids will be headed outside more, so now is a great time to go through their toys and clear out all that they’ve outgrown, are missing pieces, or are broken. Obviously, making money from broken toys, or ones with missing parts might be difficult, but check ebay, Craigslists or exchange sites. Someone may be looking for the game or just random pieces.

Tools: How many scrapbook, hardware, _________ (insert space-taking) tools have you purchased, used once and realized you will never use again? Why keep them, and allow them to take up space in your home. Sell them!

Go ahead and donate

What you can’t sell (or, if you don’t have the time to sell anything on your own), donate and let someone else make money for your favorite charity or mission.

Donations are always a blessing, to both those who need, and to the giver.

Bottom Line

Regardless of whether you make money or not, just be sure to do it. A clean home, purged of unnecessary stuff, is always a place of comfort.

And that is priceless.

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Karla Porter Archer is a print and web designer, technophile, writer, speaker, gifted education advocate, and mother of 4. Teaching her children about making wise and healthy choices in all areas of their lives is of the utmost importance. She is passionate about eating well, living simply, yet comfortably, and eliminating the excess clutter that overloads daily life, as much as possible. She shares her (successful and unsuccessful) attempts and efforts on Living The Life Fantastic, which she started, along with Randy Archer, after they met on Twitter, fell in love and determined to live their lives purposefully and fantastically together. Find her also at: Karla Archer and Archer Creative

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    Great post Karla. One can even donate books and DVDs to the local library.

  2. 2
    Chrissy Blake says:

    We tend to organize our things at the same time that we shop. We just cleaned out the closets this weekend before we headed out to Burlington for some shopping. I found some great discounts at burlingtoncoatfactory.com, and we found some really nice designer outfits for the kids (as well as for me). In the end, we don’t have any extra space in our closets, but we do have some new outfits now.

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