What’s In A Headboard?

Headboards add a whole new dimension to any room-texture, depth, layer, color, pattern…you name, they can add it.  Through their versatility, they not only create a focal point, but they make the bed (and the space that it’s in) look finished. They draw the eye up and offer a grand appeal that the bed (even with flanking nightstands) can’t accomplish on its own.

 Unfortunately, headboards come with a stigma–they are “expensive” or “require lots of time and energy” to add on…actually, that’s not the case! With the re-birth of DIY and the return of re-purposing, a headboard can be as simple as a piece of fabric or scraps of wood. It doesn’t have to be a costly, timely endeavor that weighs 100 lbs and is anchored to the wall. Take a look at some of these creative headboards.

An old mantel mounted to the wall above the bed serves as a shelf and functions as a headboard!


Random pieces of wood placed side-by-side in a slat-style create a casual, beachy feel.

Source: sfgirlbybay.com via Anna on Pinterest


 A piece of fabric hung from a drapery rod creates a whimsical, feminine look that’s virtually weightless and adds tons of pattern and color!


Paint your headboard on!  In this picture, chalkboard paint was used. 

Can you image how different this room would look without the headboard?! Neutral walls, white bedding…only that little pop of color in the pillow. The headboard is a huge statement piece and it’s only painted on the wall!

Notice how it draws the eye up, as well.  The room is very small and cramped, but with the painted headboard, it doesn’t feel that way, it just feels cozy.


 Your headboard doesn’t have to be one object, either.  It can be a grouping of objects simply mounted above the bed.

Source: diyideas.com via Emily on Pinterest


Wallpaper is a great option too! You can adhere it in any shape you’d like–just cut it out before you attach it to the wall.


 An old door–not even a really special old door, either…and it still looks great!


Source: designspongeonline.com via Jon on Pinterest

 A headboard can really be anything you’d like simply mounted above the bed. Even though the bed is usually the largest piece in a room, it sits lower than most of the other pieces of furniture and needs the height of a headboard to balance it. I hope you’ll get creative with some of items that you already have in your home and make a headboard that finishes the look of your bedroom!

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Jenna Roebke recently graduated from Interior Design school and is currently working in Marketing and Interior Design at a local design firm in Florida. Not only does she love design, but she thrives on being creative and crafty. With the awareness that everyone lives life on [some sort of] a budget and the belief that it doesn't take a whole lot of money to make a house beautiful, she focuses on projects that can be accomplished inexpensively. She started her blog, Everyday Clever, in 2010 to document the merging of design and DIY and to share her creative projects with others. Beyond that, she is a clean freak, loves organization, enjoys cooking on occasion, and is obsessed with Pinterest!

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  1. 1

    LOVE these ideas! I especially love the 2nd with all the old boards. :) Thanks for getting my own creative juices flowing…we’ve got a few beds around here that could use an upgrade! ~Elise

  2. 2
    Aurelia says:

    I love these ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  3. 3

    I love the different headboards, especially the 1st one. Thanks, for sharing this great article!

  4. 4

    This type of topic gets me excited and makes me want to hang out more in my sewing/craft room. When my daughters were little, they enjoyed “coloring” on the walls despite that it didn’t make mama happy. So being creative, I took an old drawer and mounted it to wall so it looked like a cubby of sorts. Then I painted the inside of the drawer with chalk paint and the bottom part of the drawer made a shelf where I had small cute baskets to hold their colorful chalk.

    I pulled their beds out from the wall to meet up with the bottom part of the drawer and put colorful bins on the floor behind their beds to hold crayons, coloring books, etc.

    Now they had no need to color on any other wall of the house, but they could color on their headboard as much as they wanted. And, they had so much fun with this.

  5. 5

    I LOVE this Jenna! I would have never of thought of these ideas! Makes we want to get rid of our big, chunky headboard and instead, create one of the ones you have listed here! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. 6
    Kim Garst says:

    What great ideas! Are you on Pinterest yet :-)?

  7. 7

    I LOVE these ideas! I am moving in another month to a 1940’s cottage style home and just adore the mantel idea. Your ideas just totally inspire me. Thanks so much, Jenna!

  8. 8

    Perfect timing…last week I decided to create my own headboard. I’m looking for a specific type of door (need 2 actually). This provides a few additional options.

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