When the Going Gets Tough – You Must Get Tougher!

When the Going Gets Tough - You Must Get Tougher!

It’s inevitable that there will be good times and bad times. Some might venture to say that the good times are limited but I must argue the fact that there are many good times that go un-noticed. Are you one that sees the glass half-full or half-empty? The answer to that simple question may determine how you react to ‘tough times’. 

Those who see the glass half-empty may succumb to the tough times and literally shrink in their posture, their emotions become deflated and if there was a corner to hide in, you would most certainly find them there. However, those that see the glass half-full will rise up to the challenge that tough times tend to bring and tackle them head first. The good news is that those that see the glass half-empty have a choice. Actually everyone has a choice to react to tough times either positively or negatively. You’re probably saying to yourself, how can one look at tough times in a positive light? 

It’s all a matter of your mindset. Yep, there’s that word again – mindset. The mind is truly powerful and if used in a way to enhance your life; you can truly be successful, happy and a joy to be around. However, the mind as powerful as it is must be trained and can be switched from approaching situations in a negative manner to a positive manner.

Is this a ‘pollyannic‘ way of thinking? Some may argue that it is, but would you rather look at positive aspects of situations or succumb to the negativity that is so easily attracting? Again the choice is yours but it’s much more satisfying to get tougher when the going gets tough. So, how do you accomplish this?

Surround yourself with happy people – Although they may seem annoying, the happiness actually rubs off and becomes a wonderful way of living. It’s amazing how changing the people you associate with will change the way you look at and approach life.

STOP before reacting – It is very easy to blow up, scream or simply be annoyed when a situation doesn’t go your way, however, stopping and assessing the situation before letting your emotions take over and approaching it with a ‘clear’ head will be much more beneficial to you and those around you.

Focus on today – Instead of dwelling on yesterday, last week, last month or the past years, focus on today and what you can do today to tackle the tough times. You can’t change what happened in the past, but you can learn from the past and prevent it from repeating.

Fear not – One of the first reactions that arise when tough situations arise is fear. Fear of the unknown is perhaps one of the biggest fears if you allow it to encompass your every thought and action. Instead, it’s important to let go of that fear and move forward. Many times the fears never truly come to existence so let go of the negative thoughts and allow positive ones to enter.

Ask for help – Who ever said you must conquer the tough times alone? Of course, there are times you must dig deep within yourself to conquer huge challenges but there are also times you don’t have to do it all alone. Those times you must, and I repeat, you must allow others to help you. But before you can allow, you must ask. That action sometimes is the hardest one of all – asking. But once you get past that challenge you will notice it was the better choice.

Pay it forward – Believe it or not, paying it forward will help you forget about the challenges you are experiencing. Lending a helping hand to someone who is struggling will help you see how much smaller your issues may be as well as help you forget and replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.

Are tough times easy? Absolutely not! Do tough times truly exist? Of course they do, however what matters is how you approach those tough times when they arise. In life you will naturally experience good times, even great times but with those come the tough times and challenging ones. There can’t possibly be one without the other and because of this, the good times are appreciated much more. You can make it through the tough times. You can and you MUST believe that, because when the going gets tough, you MUST get tougher!

I leave you today with one of my favorite quotes and one that helps me when tough times arise and my hope is that it will help you too.

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” ~Robert H. Schuller


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  1. 1

    Great advice Daisy, most of the bad stuff that we anticipate happening, never does. Take one step at a time, one day at a time and keep moving forward.

  2. 2
    Mary G says:

    Very inspirational and supportive for me, I usually find it pretty difficult to ask for help, something that I am going to start doing.


  3. 3

    Very good life lessons here. Life can be really hard at times but its at those moments when our true character shines through.

  4. 4

    This is JUST what I needed to read today!! Going through a rough spot as we speak and luckily I normally am an extremely positive person. Unfortunately several things have happened right on top of each-other this past week and I am feeling pretty defeated…thanks for the inspiration! I know this too shall pass….

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