There is only 5 months difference between X-T200 and A6100 so we are expecting this to be a fair comparison regarding age and technology level. The X-T200 has a few extra settings such as an HDR mode and a Movie trimming mode. Very customizable. Chris and Jordan compared three entry-level APS-C mirrorless cameras: the Canon EOS M50, Sony a6100 and Fujifilm X-T200.Which mirrorless camera is right for you? Fujifilm X-T200 was introduced to market in January 2020 and Sony A6100 was launched in August 2019. 24 MP If weather sealing is a must-have feature for you, check these sections: Top Mirrorless Cameras with Weather Sealing. Find out where the A6100 wins! Both cameras offer a resolution of 24 megapixels. However, at the time of publishing this article, you can find temporary discounts that make it $150 cheaper. On the Sony, you mainly use it to select a focus point or activate the tracking mode. Size and weight is a big decision factor when you are trying to find the ideal camera for your needs. Fujifilm X-T100 vs Sony A6100. Sony a6100. As I said in the introduction, the sensor is the same when it comes to format (APS-C) and resolution (24.2MP). vs. vs. 87 facts in comparison . Fujifilm X-T200 vs Sony Alpha a6100. The European prices are €870 (with lens) or £750 (with lens). When we compare the sensor of both camera. Overall if 15Min 4K limit isn't a issue you can go with Fuji X-T200 camera and for still images I will recommend you to go with Sony A6100. No items to compare. In addition to taking a shot and selecting a focus point, you can prioritise a face (when face detection is activated), change various settings and preview their effect in real time. Categories. Other exposure settings can be accessed with the rear control wheel. The A6100 shares the same AF as other Sony APS-C camera such as the A6400 and A6600. The X-T200 offers more possibilities when it comes to the touch screen. The Fuji camera is taller because of the viewfinder located on top, whereas the Sony has more depth thanks to its larger grip. 69. In this section, We are going to illustrate Fujifilm X-T200 and Sony A6100 side-by-side from the front, back and top in their relative dimensions. vs. Fujifilm X-T100. The A6100 has a 3.5mm mic input but no headphone port. Touch sensitivity is available on both screens. Find out where the X-T200 wins! Reasons to choose Sony Alpha a6100 over Fujifilm X-T100. Both cameras are interesting entry level models that can suit the needs of beginners and amateurs. With the electronic one, the X-T200 can go up to 1/32000s, unlike the A6100. In fact I would say there isn’t a lot it lacks, if not some options that Fujifilm left out on purpose so as to avoid making it too competitive. On the A6100, you can either choose 120fps (100fps when PAL is set) as a normal recording mode with sound, or use the S&Q mode and have the slow motion result already saved to the SD card. Fujifilm X-T200 – should be fine for most subjects, but also has a small buffer; Video. Another difference that you can notice easily is the rear monitor. Viewfinder Magnification. So which is the Best Entry-level APS-C Mirrorless Camera: Canon EOS M50 Vs. Sony a6100 Vs. Fujifilm X-T200. Fujifilm X-T20 vs Sony A6100. I didn’t test the A6100 but I reviewed the A6400 and since they have the same AF system, I can say that it is really good. Nur ein kleiner 4K Video High ISO Test bei bei wenig Licht. Both cameras feature a traditional mechanical shutter and an optional electronic shutter mode. 3.9 µm 3.89 µm Pixel pitch tells you the distance from the center of one pixel (photosite) to the center of the next. Apotelyt released their Sony a6100 vs Fujifilm X-A7 Comparison, which you can view here. Now of course, you’ll most likely stick with smaller and more affordable (for the most part) lenses with a camera like this. $150 off on Sony a6100 with 16-50mm lens: $698 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama. Power and Connectivity. It can be tilted down to 74˚ or up to 180˚, but doesn’t have the multi-angle mechanism found on the Fuji model. Both the X-T30 and the A6100 are mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras that are equipped with an APS-C sensor. More importantly, it already benefits from instant rebates which makes it more affordable to buy in certain countries. Find out where the A6100 wins! When we look at the available lenses for these two cameras, we see that Sony A6100 has an advantage over Fujifilm X-T200 There are 126 lenses for Sony A6100's Sony E mount, on the other hand there are only 56 lenses for Fujifilm X-T200's Fujifilm X lens mount. Genel performanslarını ve kamera sıralamasında hangisinin daha iyi olduğunu öğrenin. Our comparison table below covers all the important specifications of each camera. Thank you! Hello guys I'm looking to buy my first camera. With the mechanical one, the maximum shutter speed is 1/4000s for each. Fujifilm X-A5 vs Sony A6100. Check the price of the Fujifilm X-T200 onB&H Photo, Check price of the Sony a6100 onAmazon | Amazon UK | B&H Photo | eBay, Published January 29, 2020 By Mathieu Filed Under: Preview Tagged With: Preview. 4K video up to 30fps with full pixel readout and no sensor crop. Speaking of the viewfinder, its location is one of the first differences that strikes your eye. Best 70-200mm F2.8 Lens (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic) Finished challenges. That’s great news for those on a tighter budget who still want a capable camera that will last for years.

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