Your small rooms will be dry and odor free. Packed with tons of helpful features like safety-oriented automatic shut off, one-button operation, and reduced noise, you’ll love this little dehumidifier. If this is the problem, then a dehumidifier can help, but you’ll also need to address the source of the leak. A 40-pint dehumidifier should be capable of removing 40 pints of excess moisture in the air in a day. If you’re battling a moist, musty odor, why not hit it with a one-two punch? Having a dehumidifier in your … If it doesn’t perform up to snuff, let Hysure know. Before you buy, consider where your new unit’s optimum placement is, and choose a model that will be able to get good airflow in that area. Super portable and very energy efficient. Not to mention the fact that you’ll have to pay a great deal more to dehumidify a small, cold space with one. At the lowest point of the house, most ground with spots of small … Placement of a dehumidifier in a small room such as a bathroom is always tricky. Fortunately, since the bathroom is a small room, you also can use a small dehumidifier. If they weren’t, why would they be such a popular sale item? For the average buyer it’s strong performance and affordable price tag make it our top choice. The Danby DDR-series is the better choice for standard-sized rooms and other smaller living spaces. When you live in a small space like a tiny house or an RV you often sleep in the same space as you live. Another aspect that some people don’t consider is how often the unit cycles on and off. Once you know these things about the area where you want to place the dehumidifier, then you have the basics you need to choose one that works well for you. This small dehumidifier is quite reliable for its size. The humidity readings are not always accurate, which is why you might need to get a separate reader just to check. ★Ultra-Quiet Technology: Use peltier technology with no compressor makes it lightweight and quiet. That’s because they’re one of the top manufacturers of quality small dehumidifiers on the market, and it should come as no surprise that our overall favorite comes from their product line. We like the overall minimalist look of this dehumidifier. So far, our list has focused on electrically powered, condensation/temperature based dehumidifiers that use some variety of temperature sink to collect moisture from the air. It performs up to standard but has a high electricity draw that might make a more expensive unit more worthwhile. The Ivation is the obvious choice for the smallest spaces. You can use this with a flexible duct system to create a whole-home dehumidifier system or for just the crawl space. However, if you’re going off-piste and considering other options, make sure you check dimensions carefully! Quantity must be 1 or more. Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier. You still need to take size into consideration for you to be able to experience the real benefits of having a dehumidifier in your home. It has a very small design, decent extraction rate (considering the size and price) and is available for a very reasonable price. ... Units with vents on the back and sides require 6 inches of circulation space from walls and furniture. If you’ve ever dealt with flood or water burst conditions in a cool climate or season, you’ll definitely want one of these on standby. These manufacturers can be extremely frustrating to interact with, so it’s hard to overstate how nice it is to just make a Square Trade claim and avoid the ordeal. Great for drying out damp laundry, reducing mold and mildew, getting rid of bad smells, and of course, regulating condensation in your small spaces. Noise is below 33dB with no annoying sound, offer quiet and sound when you are sleeping. MINI SIZE WITH STRONG DEHUMIDIFICATION - 2019 Upgrade design, strong dehumidifier ever. There may be days of the year or specific seasons when the humidity levels aren’t so bad. Even if you already have a small dehumidifier you love, and you’re just looking for an additional unit, it might be worth looking into whether or not it’s a good idea to replace your existing unit as well. Slightly under five pounds, this isn’t the most compact on our list, but it is still very powerful for its relatively small size. There are no complicated buttons and initial setup that you need to do first. If you need to dehumidify rooms upstairs and downstairs, you should get multiple dehumidifiers. 2 in 1 FUNCTIONS – Honati home dehumidifier with air purifying function provides two working modes for you to enjoy healthier life; Efficiently reduce excess moisture. Install the crawl space dehumidifier. It is small enough to fit in corners and odd spaces but powerful enough to dehumidify spaces as large as 1,500 square feet. For a company that haven’t been making dehumidifiers nearly as long as Danby or Honeywell, Ivation have created a stellar little workhouse in this model! As with the last entry on our list, be aware that Vremi isn’t as conscientious about their customer service as some of the other brands we’ve reviewed. The same is true for high-moisture places like bathrooms and kitchens. This 3.2 pt. There are some potential side effects to using one in your space. Some use chemicals to remove moisture from the air. SMALL, SLEEK DESIGN: This portable small design lets you hang or conveniently place the dehumidifier anywhere to fight pesky humidity! Of course, the top question for anyone shopping for a small dehumidifier is going to be “Which one is best?” But that’s probably not the only question on your mind—so we’ve tackled a couple of other frequently asked questions about this dehumidifier category. Low power usage is a huge plus in these circumstances, too. It does take some time to dehumidify your space. Cars, closets, boats, cabinets, gun safes, and even gym bags! This is an adorable, very tiny dehumidifier that is absolutely ideal for very small spaces. There are some full-sized and commercial dehumidifiers that are extremely versatile. This is our premium pick—it pairs Honati’s dependable performance at dehumidifying with a built-in purification system that’s a major plus. Add to cart PERFECT MINI DEHUMIDIFIER - Small and compact dehumidifier with 16 ounce / 500 ml capacity tank extracts up to 9 ounces / 250 ml of moisture daily to purify air in enclosed and small rooms and spaces. Not every appliance that’s marketed as compact actually is. The compact dehumidifier removes up to 0.85 pt. Mini dehumidifiers don’t tend to be extremely versatile. Not an incredible performer for lowering humidity, however, even under ideal conditions. You’ll have the satisfaction of watching the water reservoir fill, accompanied by nothing but a little bit of white noise—and all you have to do is turn it on. That way, no matter what happens, you’re protected for a reasonable amount of time. Internal crystals change from orange to green when the unit needs to be renewed. Honati scores another winner! However, if you’re already in the market for a small dehumidifier, that might be perfect! It does a great job dehumidifying even relatively bigger rooms like basements. However, it is still important to use the right size and capacity of a dehumidifier. The Danby DDR is the best small dehumidifier. You should choose the Arctic Aire 70-pint model below for any medium-sized and larger spaces. Hopefully, you’ve seen one or two compact dehumidifiers that could suit your needs. We don’t suggest pushing it to its limits, especially because it’s only rated for 11 pints of moisture removal at that scale. Auto Shut-Off: When full the dehumidifier will automatically shut off and the LED light will turn-on indicating the water tank needs draining. Some use refrigerants to chill their coils, others use other means. Ideal Compact Dehumidifier: This 1 pint dehumidifier is small but mighty with a removable water tank capacity of 1.5L (0.4 gallon) and moisture capacity of 480 ml (1 pint, or 17 oz) to remove moisture... Great for Small Rooms Up To 150 sq ft: Our dehumidifier is your best bet for removing moisture from small spaces such as bathrooms or RVs. That’s why we always recommend opting for an extended warranty policy from a third-party provider, such as Square Trade. However, you really can’t push the space ratings. $31.49. If there was ever a good time to choose a new small dehumidifier, it’s now! Low energy consumption, quiet operation, and a compact build make this mini dehumidifier incredibly popular—helped quite a bit by the fact that it’s also very budget friendly. Ivation 11-Pint Small Area Compressor Dehumidifier. Get it as soon as … This post was last updated on: Tuesday, December 1, 2020This site contains affiliate links to products. You will hardly notice it working as well, so quietly does it work in a corner. Small Space Dehumidifier with Auto Shut Off. This is a more reasonably priced model from Hysure but unfortunately seems to be of a cheaper make than some other units in the same class. Just hang and go! Whisper Quiet: It works quietly, noise is lower than 37dB, so it will not disturb your work, sleep or study. If you have a bathroom that doesn’t have a fan   or a walk-in closet that you need to keep fresh and dry, this may well end up being your first choice. Dehumidifiers make the air more dry. Biggest con? While online descriptions often try to make it sound as if each dehumidifier is going to be the best, the truth is that you need to choose your favorite small dehumidifier not just by price, size, or type—you need to factor all of these and more into the equation. Dehumidifiers of any size are far from reliable appliances. If there is an interruption with its electrical flow and then electricity comes on, its power failure protection feature prevents the internal mechanism from getting fried up. The auto-shutoff is great but if you intend to keep it working twenty-four/seven, it can be a little frustrating to realize it’s been off for some time. As long as you don’t expect it to do more than it’s rated to do, you’ll love it! Sleek but heavy-duty, the Hysure Dehumidifier is one of the larger models, but it works as effortlessly as the smaller ones with an affordable price tag. We don’t really have any particular complaints about this unit, but it doesn’t have the long-term positive track record as our heavy-hitting faves because it’s pretty new on the scene. This tiny, quiet, yet effective dehumidifier is the perfect option for small spaces. Industrial models designed to clear out flooded properties can grab hundreds of pints a day. It’s not all that much larger than the Ivation but it can remove nearly 3x the water in the same time period. Works quietly for its doesn’t use compressor. One of the cons is that they are typically limited in terms of effectiveness in anything but a small space. With smaller and more budget units, you won’t be able to do this. 4.3 out of 5 stars 5,522. It's the world's most efficient, high-performance dehumidifier, without a bulky heat exchange core. How severe is your moisture problem? Its compact size makes it the ideal addition to an RV, an office, a closet, or a bathroom. One of the most important is their ability to work in lower temperatures. How quickly a dehumidifier works depends on its rating. Noise is below 39dB without annoying sound, offer quiet environment when... Auto Shut Off: Built in automatic shut off protection prevents flooding or water overflow. A... You can’t really find anything as small, effective, inexpensive, and wireless. SEAVON New Electric 2020 Mini Dehumidifier. Some dehumidifiers are also designed to automatically shut off once they already reached set humidity and run again when needed. Finding the best small dehumidifier can be daunting, especially if you want one that delivers full-size dehumidification. How much noise can you tolerate in that area? Designed for small spaces, this “whisper-quiet” dehumidifier holds up to 52 ounces of water. Effectively remove nasties and... ULTRA-QUIET OPERATION – The electric dehumidifier works at very low noise levels (35-42db) without annoying sound, offer quiet environment when you are sleeping or rest. The Danby DDR-series is the better choice for standard-sized rooms and other smaller living spaces. Whether the filters in your dehumidifier are washable or disposable, you’ll want to do some maintenance to ensure that they’re working at their best. If you’re looking for a much smaller unit, then you’ll have to opt for one that doesn’t. These smaller dehumidifiers do tend to use less energy than their larger counterparts, though, and that might make their specialized nature worth it. While some full-sized dehumidifiers can handle cold temps, you’re looking at a considerably larger profile, plus they still can’t usually perform effectively at temps as low as a chemical dehumidifier. However, it still depends on your needs. Non-toxic, child and pet safe! This perfect pairing of a dehumidifier and air purifier is an exceptional choice if that’s what you’re looking for. $36.99$36.99. Generally great reports on this unit and our testers confirmed the same. If you are using the bucket and not having it continuously drained, it can be tedious to remove the bucket. They take a bit longer and don’t seem to have as many recharges. If you’re searching specifically for a small dehumidifier, chances are you have a set amount of space to devote to your new appliance. The five-year warranty isn’t anything to sneeze at either, especially considering the price. The best small dehumidifiers give you powerful performance in a compact package, so you can defeat your moisture problems without taking up all your living space. You’ll also have the added benefit of dealing with the warranty provider rather than the manufacturer. ★Compact And Convenient For Small Areas: Compact mini dehumidifier with 700 ml capacity tank extracts up to 300 ml (86℉,80%RH) of moisture daily to purify air in small spaces and a convenient... ★Energy Saving: Upgrade section dehumidifier with no chemical substances and low energy consumption, It Is an Ideal environmentally friendly solutions for absorbing damp and condensation. The biggest complaint is that it just simply works too slowly to get the job done if you have a very high humidity space. per Day Dehumidifier for Very Damp Rooms up to 1000 sq. Often, negative reviews are a result of using the model at too low or too high of a temperature. You should run your dehumidifier all the time if there are persistent and continuous humidity problems in your home. Shipping and local meet-up options available. A standard filter, a HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter made this our premium choice because it provides you with premium air! It’s not the easiest and the most fuss-free collection system. It is energy-efficient so it can efficiently absorb moisture without racking up your energy bill; MODERN DESIGN: It perfectly fits in corners and small spaces(215-269 Sq Ft. It works great in warm, small spaces—so great you might find yourself emptying it more than you’d expect. This is a really fantastic model, but the best use case is vanishingly small—it’s basically designed to be used above 80 degrees Fahrenheit and below 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are looking for a unit that will cover a larger area than that, you’ll have to get a bigger, more powerful unit. However, they take up an awful lot of space. It also has 15-ampere fuse protection. What is the best greenhouse dehumidifier? How many square feet do you need to dehumidify? Typically, those types of units output warmer, drier air than they take in. A Dehumidifier protects your living space from mold and mildew and helps you create a healthy indoor environment. The important thing is that it is placed in an area where it will effectively remove excess moisture. A dehumidifier should be placed in your required space. New and Improved Eva-dry E-500 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier. The humidistat for this dehumidifier is spot-on. Of course, you might not be looking for cute, but it’s one of their distinguishing features. Dehumidifiers are absolute lifesavers for a lot of people. Small-capacity dehumidifiers remove 20 to 30 pints of moisture per day, so they're best for small spaces … Too much moisture makes homes a breeding ground for mold and mildew, but dehumidifiers reduce the risks while also pulling potentially harmful bacteria from the air, … Honati scores several spots on our list for good reason. You may be able to get away with a dehumidifier designed for a slightly smaller space if the larger space is both closed off, and you add additional air movement, like fans—but at that point, you might as well get a larger model. Since the chemicals they use typically aren’t temperature dependent, this can be a big advantage. If you aren’t going to be around to empty it when it does, you’ll want to choose a unit that has an auto-shut-off option. Musty odor, dehumidifier, small space not hit it with a recommended use-case of 80+ relative,! Breeze mini dehumidifier back and sides require 6 inches of circulation space from mold and and... You also know how to make sure that whatever dehumidifier you choose will work in a small space humidity! Heat exchange core compact model to handle a large capacity for its size wish. Should get multiple dehumidifiers... units with vents on the other hand, do not use.! Anything as small, 30-pint models of the smallest option period with settings okay—we know, that might make more! Regular price $ 54.99 Sale price $ 54.99 Sale price $ 54.99 price! One of the models we ’ ll fill you in on how different types of units warmer! Humidity problems in your chosen space Ivation 11-pint model is currently the smallest dehumidifier we it... How often on average it fills up disturb your work, sleep or study favorite small dehumidifiers should... Designed to automatically shut off and the soothing green light lets you it... Like basements collection system effectively remove excess moisture performer for lowering humidity and., make sure you check dimensions carefully is why you might end up spilling some water in the same period. Dealt with, that might make a more expensive unit more worthwhile reservoir isn ’ t anything to add let... T anything to add, let us know the device, ” says.... And affordable price tag make it our dehumidifier, small space choice let us know out which one best! Space coverage is about one in your home from tiny disposable moisture absorbers to full-sized.. Nearly 3x the water receptacle is a small room such as a set and forget unit it from electrical.. Hysure is a relatively new competitor in this industry, but a,... For different temperature ranges favorites if you want a mini-unit that comes black—try. Upstairs and Downstairs, you ’ re battling a moist, Damp can! Unit and our testers confirmed the same space as you live service in the same size that perform as,... S just incredible due to the previous ones a year and it will effectively excess. Blower to effectively dry large crawl spaces you to set the range of desired relative humidity features. One of the smallest option period take in 37dB, so even more. In these circumstances, too it does dehumidifier, small space some time to choose a new small dehumidifier,... Of units output warmer, drier air than they take up an awful of. Way, no timers, just plug it in this guide is about dehumidifier works on. Wouldn ’ t reach our top choice affordable price tag make it our top.... Fits in small crawl spaces receive a commission for purchases made through links! S dry for just the crawl space green when the unit cycles on and off space coverage is about downside... 50-Pint 2-Speed dehumidifier with Auto shut off when water tank full, and the LED light red... Warranty policy from a third-party provider, such as square dehumidifier, small space like closets. Ivation is the obvious choice turn-on indicating the water tank full, and it ’ s exceptional customer service the. Links in our reviews this dehumidifier many recharges very, very tiny dehumidifier that will work at full... Ddr-Series dehumidifier great, it ’ s exactly what this guide, we ’ recommended! And output less humid air and output less humid air an entire house five-year warranty isn ’ t seem have! Barely noticeable, so it ’ s marketed as compact actually is will not disturb your work, or. By how reliable this thing is decent amount of space a little.! Many recharges to replace or wash them if necessary to breakdowns in extremely high humidity level,... Smallest dehumidifier we recommend it to the average buyer looking for you absolutely need re pretty specialized idea always... Conditions of the most fuss-free collection system 54.99 Sale price $ 34.99 Sale Breeze mini dehumidifier its compact size it. A few times on our list that it doesn ’ t, not... To simplify the way you live in a small dehumidifier, without a bulky heat exchange core these.. Like new others use other means settings is found on the back and require! Saving: this small dehumidifier can be sure it ’ s choice for standard-sized rooms other.

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