This well designed affordable knife is for those looking for a larger EDC. The BlizeTec Tactical Pocket Knife is the one “high tech” looking creation among our EDC knives. Many people online offer reviews of the various items their knives can cut before going dull. Jake's favorite under $50 budget EDC knife picks. Conclusion on the CRKT Drifter 6450K: If you’re looking for your first EDC knife, you can’t go wrong with this one. The knife comes with a Lockback that keeps the blade secure while it’s in use, while the ergonomic handle made of G10 reinforced fiberglass with a black finish and no-slip texture fits comfortably in the hand. Also, it is the best EDC knife available in the market right now. CRKT Drifter 6450K: This is a compact, handsome knife that is ideal for budget EDC. CJRB an okay alternative for a slight knock in quality compared to Civivi. The Gerber Razorfish is a solid, budget-friendly compact knife with a sleek design. The blade of the Tenacious is leaf-shaped and made of 8Cr13Mov Stainless steel. Our Best EDC Knives Guide will help you choose. This liner-locking knife also has some extra features in the textured aluminum handle you might want on a good EDC, including a glass breaker and seatbelt cutter. Coming in at just under 30 dollars, this budget EDC knife, will do its job. The stainless steel handle has an ergonomic design for the best grip and control. The guard does its job of keeping your hand from going forward but isn’t big enough to interfere with the cutting. The blade is only 3.25 inches long and the whole thing is only 6.75 inches. Conclusion on the Cold Steel Pro Lite: Although not the greatest out there, the Cold Steel Pro Lite is a remarkably designed EDC knife at the $30 mark. Posted on March 5, 2019 Written by John Rogers. These are pocket knives that are in the under $100 and under $50 price range. The best way to have budget in mind when picking your EDC knife is to know how much money you have and find a middle ground. It should be short it can fit into your pocket, bag, hunting backpack or include among your tools. Not all places allow you to carry a knife all the time. Over the past year, the market for gear has really changed, and there are a bunch of new entries on this list. Conclusion Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S: This is a remarkable knife under $15. Our last budget EDC is arguably the best. Search. This is a really basic knife, but that’s why it is great – it is a fuss-free knife. But not all knives will perform equally. It all started in 1902 when Hoyt Buck made the first knife. Overall this is a decent EDC knife for under $25, and is sturdy enough to last a long time. Please check the product page to see current pricing. Cart 0. Click here to get the lowest price on Amazon. Buy On Amazon ($62) 13. The wide sloping edge of the knife slices through everything easily, while the textured handle provides ample grip and control. Product Title. The blade is made of 7Cr17MoV Black Oxide stainless steel, and has a black aluminum handle. Best Small EDC Knives: Blades Under 3 Inches, Best Assisted Opening Knives Under $100 For EDC. This list does exclude any fixed cutting edge blades, basically on the grounds that there are simply such a large number of average collapsing blades accessible to stress over attempting to hide a blade that just won’t fit into your pocket. Pros: (+) Excellent value for money (+) Great quality at affordable pricing (+) Strong blade and handle Cons: (-) Aggressive jimping (-) Pocket clip feels low quality. When it comes to blade shape, there are seven different types to choose from, depending on what you want to use the knife for. But there's more to Buck than the Hunter. Remember that a knife is a weapon, and you must have a good reason for owning one (or many). In fact, some knife users carry a budget folder as their EDC knife and switch to a more upscale option for special occasions. No matter what you use it for, it will keep ticking for years. An EDC knife is what can best describe as a pocket knife. If grabbing a great knife on a tight budget is your priority, the Kershaw Injection is one of the best EDC knives out there. A knife also acts as a weapon for self-defense when a gun isn’t allowed or accessible. (See a knife you like from our list or anywhere in store, just enter the code below for 10% off. I’d consider them the budget kings at this point. Budget knives don’t offer the endurance of high-end knives, but many users will take that trade-off. What makes this such a great EDC is its strong liner lock, stainless steel frame, and dual liners. If you want decent quality under hundred dollars, there are several reputed brands that offer various types of EDC knives. Not only is the blade long but it’s also quite wide at an inch and a half. When closed, the knife is only 4.5-inches long, and it can fit in smaller pockets too, or smaller compartments in travelling bags. There’s also a pocket clip that allows you to discretely carry the knife everywhere. There are tons of models in many sizes with different combinations of tools, but the Victorinox Cadet has found its way into the pockets of millions of knife nuts around the world for good reason. It isn’t always easy to find a good knife that’s also affordable. Conclusion on the Hoffman Richter HR-30: At this price, the knife exceeds expectations. Again, this probably isn't the type of EDC you'd want to carry around if you live in an urban area, but the Necker Becker is a solid option for those who need a tougher knife for everyday tasks. Since this is such a well-designed attractive knife, any knife enthusiast should have one in their collection. Its handle is made of G-10, a composite made up of layers of gloss and epoxy resin, and has a sleek black color. SEVENTY2 Survival System Emergency Kit Review. He has worked everywhere from small businesses to large corporations, and also for public agencies. I chose 12 solid knives from various brands. A fixed blade can be more reliable, stronger, and a bevy of new designs means it can be just as compact and lightweight as a pocket knife. There is no spring assist and the thumb knob allows easy deployment and closing of the knife. We could have picked any number of these beater knives (a beater knife is one that is so inexpensive you don't mind using the hell out of it for pretty much anything), but we settled on the Smith & Wesson SWFR2S Extreme Ops Tanto. The knife itself is nothing spectacular. For example, the whole knife is made from 1095 Cro-Van steel. Convenient, comfortable, efficient, and is fairly priced, the Ontario Knife OKC Rat II should feature in every knife enthusiast’s collection. While this knife doesn't fold up neatly, it is quite compact. The lock-in is also solid enough to keep the blade secure. When people talk about the best knives, they often refer to the Chris Reeve Sebenza, which can go for upwards of $450. Metal, thermoplastic, fiberglass reinforced nylon, and carbon fiber are some of the most common materials used to make EDC knife handles. Although it may be a problem for larger knife users, for those with smaller hands and who want to go as light as possible, the Spyderco Native 5 is the ideal blade. Using the lightning-fast Outburst opening mechanism, the blade springs forth when you apply enough pressure on the ambidextrous thumb studs. Local laws: Another vital factor to consider are the local laws where you live. Adventure is where you make it. At Knife Depot, we offer a 60-day no-questions-asked, We don't just sell knives, we eat, sleep and breathe them. Then you haven't seen the CRKT M4-02. It’s the Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S, a midsized pocket knife that has a blade 3.1 inches of length and weighs 3.5 ounces. Brands offer the same knife in several different features, so you can pick the one that best suits your purposes. The Best American Made EDC Knives . It's under $25, has a 8Cr14MoV stainless steel 2.8-inch blade, and it's super versatile. With one of these knives, you can prepare yourself for the twists in life that come in the form of sealed packages, stuck seat belts, roasting meat in the campsite, and many other situations where you will need a knife. There’s a reason why the popular brands became popular. The thin and lightweight knife can be comfortably carried in the pocket thanks to the four-position deep-carry pocket clip. An award winning knife from Cold Steel that doesn’t get mentioned much anymore – but we are here. Today, we look at EDC knives on a budget. Our amazing collection of high quality, budget focused knives. Buck Knives Vantage Pro 0342BKS. There are several purposes that often require the help of a pocket knife, from tearing packaging to opening boxes to cooking things like fish and meat. But you don’t want to carry this around into an MLB or an NBA game because that is not allowed and could land you in some trouble! The steel won't win any awards, but it'll get the job done and then some. Survivor’s Fortress participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Not all EDC knives need to look the part during a camping trip; there are plenty of uses for one at a normal, urbane office, ranging from seamless letter opening to giving your creditors the right impression. They sell more Griptilianmodels than any other knife and the reason is simple – this is arguably the best all-round EDC knife under $100. Couteaux EDC budget EDC des quatre coins du monde. Think of the legendary pocket knives with wooden handle made by Opinel. I chose 12 solid knives from various brands. My list of the top 5 pocket knives under $50 will show you today's best value folders. Beloved for over 125 years amongst knife enthusiasts. Excellent budget knives have been coming out left right and center from nearly every knife manufacturer in the game, and while, as I’ve said, I’ll make exceptions and buy expensive knives on occasion when I think they’re truly exceptional, for the most part, I’ve been buffing up my collection with the under $30 crowd. Think of the legendary pocket knives with wooden handle made by Opinel. Hollow grind blades are best for cutting delicate substances. For more on this knife, check out our Launch 4 review. Now that we know what to look for in a stellar EDC knife, let’s take a look at some of the best you can find under $50, without sacrificing quality. Plus, you save some cash in the process. Accessories, Medieval Armor The edge comes in a full flat grind, easily cutting through all types of material. Normally, a good EDC is a knife that's compact and fits in the pocket. The blade is 420HC stainless steel and features a cutout to facilitate one-hand opening. Edge: The edge of the blade determines how sharp your knife is and how easy it is to sharpen. The handle is long enough to fit comfortably, while the metal washers make the deployment smooth. But if you’re none of those, then you must have a good reason for owning an EDC knife. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This EDC knife is of premium material, from the tip of its blade to the butt of its handle. That’s the reason why the Rat II is here. Depending upon the make, blade, and finish, one knife is better than the other. Home; Adventure. The pointy tip is good for detail work but not that will break easily. Pros: (+) Sharp and durable blade (+) Inexpensive (+) Way to open and close Cons: (-) Liner lock doesn’t function properly in some models. Why? Cost: How much do you want to spend on a pocket knife? The 10 Best Boot Knives on The Market for 2020. This awesome utility knife and bottle opener combo can cut, slice, score and open bottles! The size is a little larger than the typical EDC knife, so if you’re interested in something smaller and more compact, you should look at the other knives by Spyderco. Not a bad list at all. How much is comfortable to carry in your pocket? Not cheap but it’s amazing the steel doesn’t hold a razor edge, but it holds a workable edge almost indefinitely - great for a used and abused kind of blade. The superb edge retention, the feel and the sharpness of the blade, besides the stylish design, make the knife score full marks. Image. At $50, you can get a quality EDC knife that will last for years. Best Overall: Kershaw Cryo II Everyday Carry Blade Runner-Up: Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556 EDC Knife Also Great: SOG TWI12-CP Twitch II EDC Pocket Knife Best Large EDC Knife: Cold Steel Recon 1 Series Tactical Folding Knife Honorable Mention: Spyderco Military Model Signature Folding Knife Now he writes professionally for several clients that covers one sector of our economy to another. 9.8. The blade is sharp out of the box and is durable. You may not be able to carry a pocket knife everywhere, particularly on a flight (as will be mentioned later), but it is a useful tool to own. 08 is an excellent budget EDC knife with a very stylish classic look. In fact, some knife users carry a budget folder as their EDC knife and switch to a more upscale option for special occasions. When you need an inexpensive knife that can take a beating like no one's business, Smith & Wesson is your man… er brand. Keeping it simple is the beauty of the CRKT Drifter 6450K, a basic EDC knife that not only does the job, but also comes at an affordable price and boasts of some quality features. In the budget EDC knives category you do not only come across knives from the far east. Having just one of these qualities usually makes for a solid EDC but the Kershaw Chill comprises every single one of these attributes. Tags: H. Clay Aalders. It seems an easy task to just go out there and buy any pocket knife that appeals to you, but the real fun is when the knife breaks into two while you’re trying to open a box. That's not a knock on the knife; in fact, this means that there's less chance for failure due to dirt or wear. Armed with this handy guide, it shouldn’t be difficult to choose the next EDC knife to add to your collection. Just don’t try to take this on an airplane! While there are several different edge types, some of the most common ones are Full Flat Grind, V grind, and Hollow grind. The Spyderco Tenacious Knife is an EDC folding knife with a drop length blade tip and spyder hole for easy opening. So why do so many people like such a basic knife? Here are some of the things you need to know when shopping for the best EDC folding knives. Compact, comfortable, effective, and razor sharp, the knife is easy to use and carry and comes with a nice price. Pros: (+) Mid-sized and comfortable (+) Ergonomic handle (+) Durable with a sharp edge Cons: (-) Steel may require frequent sharpening (-) Not compact. You can buy this EDC knife for $41.97 (check today’s price), and it’s worth the price. The knife is both stylish and useful. Knives you love to look at but don't want to use are called "safe queens.". You can get better knives for more money, but when all is said and done, the Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops is a great budget EDC. Cart 0. Listed below are some case knife for edc for your budget. If you’re a paramedic, fisherman, hunter, mechanic, plumber, or electrician, you will need an EDC knife every day. So these knives need to have a safety locking system, to ensure they do not pop out of place when in your pocket, and when you remove the blade from your pocket as well. It comes sharp out of the box, and is also easy to sharpen. The blade is made of stainless steel, and has a strong and robust construction. The ideal blade length of EDC knives is between two and five inches. The Ontario RAT 1 isn't just talked about as one of the best budget EDC knives but also as one of the best EDC knives in general. Menu. For those who enjoy the classic and traditional things in life, there's the Case Sod Buster, Jr. Sodbusters are considered the working man's knife. The blade has a straight back with an edge that curves up toward the spine. This tactical knife has a 3.625-inch blade made of 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. We have carefully collected some of the best high-end EDC knife and best budget EDC knife. If you're inclined toward smaller knives, Buck also has a version of the Vantage with a 2.63-inch blade for a few bucks less. Budget EDC 13. Other features of an EDC knife to consider are blade and pocket retention, open mechanism, and lock type. If we were to pick one knife that you could get for under $50 that has stood the test of time, is legendary in EDC circles, and still has plenty of life left to live, it might just be Ontario Knife Company’s RAT folder. The drop point tip has a swedge on top and no serrations. Here at Knife Informer we’ve compiled our list of the best EDC knives for every budget. Not only is it cheap but it's reliable, strong, and rooted in history. Not only great because you save some cash, but also because you purchase a knife you do not have to be careful with. All 3 knives listed above are the best in their class, however, the best one depends on your own personal needs. A genuine EDC knife that’s as rugged and tough as they come. This is the best EDC knife I’ve ever owned, and has been in my pocket every day for nearly the last five years. The handle does feel too light and the blade can cut bad if not careful, but the knife is good for everyday use though this does not mean you want to use it to smooth the jelly and peanut butter out on your sandwich.