(800) 877-7520 - Phone 110 Usable on 380 volts, 50 Hz at 1.0 Service Factor and derated to next lower HP The standard is a solid shaft which is comparable to most other motor shafts and couple to the pump's shaft with a keyed coupling. Vertical Solid Shaft Motors (VSS) Be sure the motor is not running and the power supply is disconnected before working on the motor. (409) 866-7508 - Phone Baldor•Reliance solid shaft Vertical P-Base are the perfect power mates for centrifugal pumps, sump pumps , turbine pumps, in-line process pumps, fans, aerators , mixers, autoclaves, cooling towers and similar applications in industrial environments. Ball Style NRR and SRC Upper Half Couplings, 210-280 Frame – Includes integral NRR Ball Carrier with Upper Half Coupling Steady Bushing. Cat. Volts: 230/460, 460 113 Aegis Shaft Grouding ring on bearing cap (40-100HP) TEFC – 841 – Extra Severe Duty Stabilizer Bushings, Ultra™ and Ultra+™ WPI/TEFC VHS Stabilizer Bushings Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) INTRODUCTION General Electric High-Thrust vertical mo-tors covered by these instructions are care-fully constructed of high-quality materials and are designed to give long and trouble- With a class H insulation, cast aluminum top hat, multi-direction cast in lifting lugs, oversized cast iron conduit box, aluminum anti-rodent screens and heavy-duty cast-iron frame, the WPI Ultra is the most robust vertical hollow shaft motor in the industry. 157 Includes Self Release Coupling (SRC) with 2 3/16” BX, Weather Protection I (WPI) VERTICAL INDUCTION MOTORS HIGH THRUST HOLLOW & SOLID-SHAFT AND IN-LINE SOLID SHAFT FRAMES 182-405 NEMA P BASE TEFC & EXPLOSION-PROOF I. All ratings of the Ultra family are fully inverter-duty exceeding NEMA MG1-31 requirements. Baton Rouge, LA 70835 (40HP and up) … Stk. 114 Insulated Upper Bearing Carrier and Aegis Shaft Grounding ring on bearing cap (125HP and greater) Vertical Solid Shaft (128) Severe Duty (1277) IEEE 841 (719) General Purpose (490) Metric Motor (247) Explosion Proof (78) Medium Voltage (179) Inverter Duty (44) Vertical Hollow Shaft (103) About General Electric Electric Motors. Vertical motors are often configured with non-reversing ratchets which allow the motor to be operated in one direction only. Motor rating and identification data are furnished on label for checking purposes. 110 Usable on 380 volts, 50 Hz at 1.0 Service Factor and derated to next lower HP View in Online Catalog. HP: 5-300. Vertical Pump Motors. This system exceeds NEMA MG1-31 (which is 3.1 times the nameplate voltage) for motors operating on inverters. 111 Usable on 190/380 volts, 50 Hz at 1.0 Service Factor and derated to next lower HP They may not always be true in connection with special-purpose motors, built for a particular purpose, or as applied to very small motors. Superior Bearings - Available self-aligning spherically seated sleeve bearings allow the motor to adapt to the best position for the load. Very similar to most direct driven horizontal motors. 113 Aegis Shaft Grouding ring on bearing cap (40-100HP) In response to ever-demanding performance requirements of modern machinery. Mechanical vibration and roughness in running the motor … |. Ultra Series vertical pump motors are completely NEMA premium efficient, meeting IEEE 841 levels with a full cast iron frame, inline, high thrust, space heaters, and a non-reverse ratchet. Baton Rouge, LA 70809 51 Space Heater, 115V/60 Hz TEFC – 841 – Extra Severe Duty Vertical Solid Shaft Motors MAX-E2/841 TEFC SS Low Voltage Normal Thrust with “P” Base. Accessories. Fig. No. Volts: 460 HP: 3-150 HP RPM NEMA Frame FLA @ NP Full Load Nom. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. • 40-100 HP, 1800RPM, 230/460V • Two Year Warranty • Higher efficiency than most competitive standard efficient motors. Innovative Patented Air-Cooling Technology. (225) 292-0147 - Local 320-449 Frame – Ball carrier shipped assembled to motor GE ULTRASNOW-V Pump Motors are manufactured standard with a GEGARD2400 insulation system. 112 Includes NC Winding Thermostats (125HP and greater) The ValueLine product offering ranges from 5-300 HP and is compatible... Value Line Vertical Solid Shaft 156 With Spherical Roller Bearing, Inverter Duty with Bearing Fluting Protection Use flexible couplings if possible. No. GE Industrial Motors a Wolong company. General Electric high thrust vertical motors covered by these instructions are carefully constructed of high quality materials and are designed to give long and trouble-free service when properly installed and maintained. Operation of General-Purpose Alternating-Current Polyphase 2, 4, and 8 Pole, 60 Hertz Integral-Horsepower Induction Motors Operated on 50 Hertz: GE high thrust vertical pump motors have, on average, 20% higher thrust and extended performance than any other similar product in the industry. No. ESR Motor Systems is one of Toshiba's largest electric motor distributors in the nation. Section VP – Vertical Pump Motors. A. The hollow shaft high thrust design is intended for deep-well pump applications. The force and direction (upward, downward, or balanced) of the applied axial load dictate the type and number of thrust bearings needed to obtain optimum performance and service life. Improved axial ball ratchet systems for better equipment protection, Rugged and reliable cast iron construction, Thrust capability 20% above industry standard for deep well applications, Extended bearing life able to meet 100,000-hour (~12 year) requirement. Ultra. HOME PRODUCTS & SERVICES DATASHEETS AC MOTORS GE MOTORS VALUE LINE VERTICAL SOLID SHAFT GE Motors List your products or services on Engineering360. 112 Includes NC Winding Thermostats (40HP and greater) Standard Efficient Motors Available to order now! Featured Manufacturers: Nidec/US Motors Vertical HOLLOSHAFT motor has been a standard n the pump industry since 1922. All ratings of the Ultra family are fully inverter-duty exceeding NEMA MG1-31 requirements. The U.S. MOTORS brand vertical hollow shaft and solid shaft pump motors have been setting the standard for the vertical turbine pump industry since their invention in 1922. (800) 877-7520 - Phone Norm. Remove rust preventative paper or slushing compound from shaft extension. Weather Protection I (WPI) This minimizes the impact of harmful shaft voltages. * Motor coupling is required and priced separately on page VP.8. (225) 292-9243 - Fax, 11048 Cloverland Avenue Stabilizer bushings for Ultra™ TEFC shown on page VP.9. Vertical Solid Shaft motors feature a P-base mount for vertical mounting on in-line pump applications. Ultra™ Vertical Hollow Shaft; Ultra+™ Vertical Hollow Shaft; Ultra™ and Ultra+™ Vertical Hollow Shaft Weather Protection I (WPI) ... Vertical Solid Shaft Inline Motor TEFC – 841 – Extra Severe Duty NEMA Premium. (225) 292-0154 - Fax, 6554 Westwood Boulevard Eff. Inverter Duty 210-280 Frame – Includes integral NRR Ball Carrier with Upper Half Coupling