4.6. june oven.com. We purchased the June Oven so our reviewer could put it to the test in her kitchen. Let's round up some of its best gems. High end ovens shouldn’t be so hard to clean or cook. Please contact us again at [email protected] And hopefully the third generation of this outstanding oven will come with a Top element protection guard built in similar to how the elements on the bottom are protected. The food probe is very accurate and has helped me roast a few perfect chickens. Or compressed air but they won’t get grease that’s stuck in there. I recommended this to all my friends. https://support.juneoven.com/hc/en-us/articles/360046625213-How-to-clean-your-June-Oven-2nd-generation- Let us know how this works!! And the June is about as easy to clean as a regular toaster oven -- there's even a crumb tray that's easy to remove and wipe down. The June is a 12.75-inch by 19.6-inch by 19-inch countertop oven. A food thermometer that plugs into the oven and is also inserted into what you are cooking can be monitored at all times without opening the oven and letting the heat escape. There are no new ones in stock and no ETA for restock.I am thoroughly disgusted with this company and its product! Happy cooking!! Some like fresh food, while others prefer their food to be cooked. The camera is accurate most of the time, and the oven cooks food consistently well. | Read 221-240 Reviews out of 648. A built-in scale lets you sit food directly on top of the unit to see its weight on the control panel. Wow! Faults aside, the June is an impressive product because of the technology it's introducing to the kitchen. 2.6 out of 5. I had some issues with the oven and contacted customer service and the oven was replaced with no problems. Seriously? Its size limits it from fully replacing your range, and its price limits access to this technology (the company will, however, offer financing). It performed as well as or better than competitors that cost … A few strips of bacon cook in the June oven. I have made a beef roast, enchiladas,pumpkin pie, cookies and English muffins and hamburgers.. It’s a great addition to our kitchen. A capacitive touchscreen display controls the oven, which also works with an app. Though the June takes good care of your dishes when it's time to cook them, it's not so much help when it comes to the prep work. Simply superb! When we contacted the customer service they suggested buying a new one!!! Great customer service from Judi Simon. At 22 by 13 by 18 inches, June takes up about the same amount of space as a microwave. Also, your company does not know when they can fix it. Note that Wolf Gourmet’s high-temperature broil exceeds temperatures of any other countertop oven we’ve reviewed. 25 global ratings. Same goes for super high temps. Please contact us with the serial number of your oven, at [email protected] But the June will make cooking a little easier for early adopters who want an appliance with the power of a phone. Inside, there’s an HD camera that both recognizes more than 50 food items and lets you watch the cooking process through the app. I cleaned it per the Mfr’s instructions. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Normally we’re helpless in the kitchen, but now we’re cooking things we’ve never thought we’d be able to cook before. Happy cooking! We're happy that you are enjoying your oven, but we would love to make your experience perfect. The customer service hasn’t been any helpful and said that they don’t sell spare parts; so our only option is to buy a new one. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. I can see food recognition software eventually included in refrigerators, cabinets and full-sized ovens to create a smart kitchen in which appliances keep track of your food, recommend recipes and remind you what to pick up at the grocery store without much work on your part. This pricey countertop appliance recognizes the food you put in it and promises to cook that food to perfection. Six carbon-fiber heating elements bake and broil food, and two convection fans are built into the back wall of the oven to circulate hot air and cook food more evenly. Follow up was given to assure I was back online, wow, when did you experience that any more? Don’t recommend this oven- design flaw in cleaning. This is a design defect as the lower elements are protected with a metal barrier, while the upper ones are not.I contacted the company who told me this is not covered by the warranty and cannot be repaired. The June Intelligent Oven is a smart countertop appliance that lets you bake and roast like a top chef with minimal effort and experience. Subscribe. I’ve been following all the recommended instructions for using and cleaning. June Oven reviews and Juneoven.com customer ratings for December 2020. Review: The June oven made me want a camera in every cooking device A fast convection oven and a host of other functions make this toaster oven worth a look. June is seven appliances in one -convection countertop oven, air fryer, dehydrator, slow cooker, broiler, toaster and warming drawer. But the salmon turned out flaky, juicy and tender. Not sure what to watch on Amazon tonight? Otherwise, most of us can pass on this smart oven until more companies join this category and bring the price down. Its price is just as jaw-dropping -- $1,495 (about £1,200 or AU$2,000, though it's currently US-only). We can't wait!!! All others should hold off until we have more players in the smart oven game, when prices should fall. I just love my June Oven, it’s versatility to cook a variety of different dishes is awesome! Searching for a great show to watch tonight? Guided Smart Recipes. The June oven is one of the best additions to my kitchen ever! So very happy with this purchase, awesome service. So is the June oven poised to be the next microwave? Top rear heating element on my June oven stopped working a month or so ago. We're here to help! And the June's accompanying iPhone app turns the novelty of live-streaming your food into a useful way to keep an eye on your meal. Did not give 5 stars as it is very difficult to clean.