I suppose Flash Counter is broadly useful, but Red Elemental Blast is, and always has been, maindeckable. Time Vault. $799.99. Thank you! The most obvious such win conditions are those that inflict damage through means other than attacking. Also, in the pre-Ice Age environment, you may just have more room for Channel anyway. Please keep them coming. You're not allowed to have a turn, EVER! Time Vault card info, combos, and decks involving the Time Vault magic the gathering card. And it's all held together by his highly engaging writing style. View All Versions Rarity: R Card Type: Mono Artifact Description: Tap to gain an additional turn after the current one. I believe so. Although there are exceptions, that is perhaps their most distinguishing feature. There is an emergent debate as to whether Time Vault should even be restricted in Old School, given the paucity of ways to consistently untap it, but there have been enterprising designers who have found ways to use Time Vault to power up strategies. Crumble is here both as removal but also life gain. Time Vault. Old School Magic: Chapter 6 – Banning and Restricting in Old School – Vintage Magic says: Old School Magic: Chapter 12 – Building a Stronger Prison – Vintage Magic says: Hi Steve, as a newbie to the game (started playing in Journey to Nyx) I'm loving this articles and I'm learning a ton about the game. Before too long, it can go “infinite” or nearly so. Links Gatherer Scryfall. It was not unrestricted until October 1, 1999. Mages found ways to build large Fireballs through many different sources. By Lily Rothman November 12, 2014 3:30 PM EST See the TIME Vault. In the same article, Zak presented a faster and more aggressive looping and recursion deck, and one that is perhaps more revealing for our needs, “The Churning Deck.”. We will take a deep dive into the six major archetypes in Old School Combo, including the mysterious and enigmatic Lich combo and the prominent and well-performing Power-Monolith Combo. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. A Chicago-area player Bob Agra also has an interesting take on the archetype: But Dominic Dotterer may have the most interesting of the pre-Ice Age versions: Dominic’s list uses Land Tax and Ivory Tower to fuel the Sylvan Library draw engine, which gives the deck a little more ‘oomph,’ translating one form of card advantage into a life buffer and card quality and advantage. Beta Time Vault + Alpha Instill Energy + Alpha Animate Artifact = Infinite Turns. Very much enjoy this series, thanks as always Stephen. Having documented the history of early Type I Magic for my History of Vintage series, I’d encountered many “recursion” decks in the 1994-5 period, where players like Zak Dolan in the Duelist and Mark Chalice frequently wrote about decks that used Timetwister and Regrowth endlessly to create strange and interesting loops. Land Tax and Land’s Edge are a deadly and synergistic combo that offers yet another way to win games and generate card advantage at the same time! The Regeneron drug is a combo of two antibodies to enhance the chances it will prove effective. Legends Land Tax and Land’s Edge = Direct Damage Combo. And, what’s more, they are positively inspiring. Old School Magic: Chapter 7 – New Strategies for the Old School: Blue-Red Aggro Control – Vintage Magic says: […] Chapter 11: The Untold History of Combo in Old School […]. Alpha Black Vise and Antiquities The Rack | That poor stuffy doll! +1 (206)-914-7974Vintage Magic, LLC PO Box #6266, Olympia, WA 98507-6266, Old School Magic: Chapter 11 – The Untold History of Combo in Old School. As a result, there is are no historical lists where this combo was permitted. This deck has many interesting draw cards, from Book of Rass to Bazaar of Baghdad, two unusual, but notable, draw engines for combo decks in Old School. 0 - December 16, 2010-- Anonymous. The Furnace Room - On the first floor of Stilton's Manor, to the left of the Great Hall and on the other side of the Dining Room vault hides a locked safe. That’s because, like creatures, these threats require multiple turns to inflict damage, much as creatures do. Time Vault begins tapped. Unlimited Edition. But with the imposition of the Banned and Restricted List and 60 card minimum construction limits, building a lethal fireball was even more difficult. Unlimited Lich & Legends Mirror Universe = A Lethal Combination. The rest of the cards are fairly to standard to big blue decks, mainly just counters, draw spells, removal, and utility spells. The deck also uses several cards such as Force of Will and Ancient Grudge to efficiently deal with Null Rod , the most effective answer to the Vault-Key combo. Would definitely recommend more tutors or a Damnation.. Tidehollow Strix is great, but have you heard of Baleful Strix?. If you have enjoyed this series, please post a reply letting us know, and share the article with your friends. Card Text: Time Vault comes into play tapped. Alpha Black Vise and Antiquities The Rack, Vintage Magic, LLC PO Box #6266, Olympia, WA 98507-6266, restricted in Type I because of it’s abuse in a combo deck, interviewed Mark for my History of Vintage series. Using that framework, I specifically focused on decks that don’t use creatures as win conditions. I should note here that Drain life functions as a pseudo-Fireball, just as it did in Pros-Bloom, except that it is also a short-term tactic to draw additional cards. If they are playing blue, then REB is more efficient than Flash Counter. I played Time Vault combo for the second time after the last n00bcon tournament and placed 10th, missing the top 8 on a close game based on some unfortunate misplays. If Time Vault would become untapped, instead choose one - untap Time Vault and you skip your next turn; or Time Vault remains tapped. Thereby giving a little more ammo to the UG deck running artifacts. Legends Underworld Dreams and Winds of Change. I am aware that some of the combos are a bit clunky to assemble, but a key point is that these cards are powerful on their own as well. To this date, it is only one of three cards ever banned for power level reasons (the other two being Mind Twist and Channel). Alpha Basalt Monolith + Antiquities Power Artifact = Infinite Mana. But, to name a few, they include Underworld Dreams, Land’s Edge, Mirror Universe, and the aforementioned Fireball. Since this series was conceived and launched, many other writers and bloggers have done an excellent job revealing and presenting a wider spectrum of strategies in popular Old School environments. Nice changes! If I had to replay my ’95 Recursion Combo deck, I’d probably swap out 2-3 of the dual lands for more Bayou and Taiga. , and they just make the deck more clunky. TimeVaultTreasures. Even this rudimentary concept reveals something fundamental about these strategies. Then do a heroic walk away from the explosion. The win condition is a lethal Fireball, which is fired off often after exchanging life totals with Mirror Universe and gorging on Sylvans or after Hurkyl’sing your Mana Vaults to generate lethal mana. Yet, there is one area of Old School Magic that deserves more attention: combo. Even with all of the unrestricted cards permitted in that format, a Tax Edge combo deck managed to go 5-2 at Eternal Central’s 2016 Eternal Weekend Old School event, good enough for 22nd place in the hands of Tim Winter: This approach translates Land Tax’s card advantage into quality via Winds of Change, which, in a Scroll Rack type maneuver, transforms lands into fresh cards. A secondary goal is that you may be inspired to try one of them or build your own. Time Vault; Time Vault (Card) Time Vault. Storm finishers may require minimal mana production, but maximal storm production. It was the “go to” finisher for combo decks, at least until Kaervek’s Torch was printed, which, in turn, was replaced by Tendrils of Agony. by Herb48. VIN 4 / 2 . I will now pull back the curtain a bit. Often just thrown into other decks, Beckert presented a focused Underworld Dreams combo deck with an excellent assortment of tactics to support and surround it. Towards the end of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, you’ll find yourself in a certain someone’s lab. This site © 2020 TappedOut.net, LLC Because this deck uses so many Mirrors, I think Channel is more justifiable. Nice changes! First of all, despite not having Forgotten Lore, it’s got the proper number of green mana dual lands. Average Type Distribution. $949.99. You could drop this combo into Any color deck as the Final Fortunes are in the deck for imprint ability.Enjoy, ~Traggy~ 0 His first published version of a “Recursion” deck was built around the then-unrestricted Fork: The goal of the deck was to set up Recurring Time Walks by Forking Time Walk to take enough turns to win the game. By the summer of 2016, I had refined the following deck, which I proudly tested with great success in our monthly Old School events at the Albatross Pub in Berkeley: This list represents my best attempt to not only abuse Underworld Dreams in Old School, but to improve upon the efforts that have come before. That will go a long way to towards determining if we will plan future chapters beyond Chapter 12. Time Vault card info, combos, and decks involving the Time Vault magic the gathering card. That way is Lich. Use Twiddle to untap it. I'll be goin to my first 93/94 tourny in August with a deep feeling of gratitude towards you for providing the resources to enrich my understanding of Magic history. Black Vise and The Rack exemplify this approach. The most effective versions of this strategy that I have seen use Ice Age cards, because both Brainstorm and Zuran Orb are tremendous enhancements. Here’s what he presented: This deck illustrates the core concept of the recursion loop. Time Vault was restricted in the very first restricted list announcement, and then barely a month later, was the first card banned in Constructed Magic for power-level reasons alone. , and Blightsteel Colossus + Tinker If you choose to skip your turn, Time Vault untaps before anything else happens in the next turn. Would definitely recommend more tutors or a Damnation.. Tidehollow Strix is great, but have you heard of Baleful Strix?. The goal of the deck is to get a critical mass of resources such that you can set up a loop, either recurring Time Walks iteratively with Forgotten Lore or other recursion or Timetwister, and often both at the same time. There are several excellent webpages that catalogue a spectrum of combo strategies, but there is a paucity of strategic information about how to pilot, design, or tailor these strategies. Casting more than one spell takes multiple rounds. First that comes to mind is the classic combo Voltaic Key, which has been upgraded to Manifold Key, but another card I’ve added to my cube is Kiora’s Follower which acts as a dude, untaps Time Vault, or can ramp mana! The way it works is fairly simple: Power Artifact decreases the cost to untap Basalt Monolith such that each use of Basalt Monolith generates more mana than is required to untap it. Land’s Edge is a win condition with combo potential, but how do you accumulate enough lands in hand to make it a quick kill? I interviewed Mark for my History of Vintage series, and he explained many of the intricacies of the deck. 6 months ago. This article has explored the least covered aspect of Old School Magic: Combo. Thanks for the idea. Without knowing this time window, you won't be able to enter the vault even if you know the combination, so make sure you know the time for when opening can be performed. It also makes things a bit dumb with 4 Hymn to tourach as a universal "catch-all", and the russian roulette of DC for Channel is not funny for long. Underworld Dreams is one of the most interesting win conditions in Old School Magic. Cheers! One of them is that I probably need to swap out some of the non-blue dual lands for more green dual lands, simply to make Forgotten Lore just a little more reliable. The Old School movement would benefit greatly if Steve were to continue writing for VintageMagic.com – please keep these articles coming! I have tried adding in combos like Time Vault + Voltaic Key That said, there are a few rough edges that need to be tweaked. How to hack open a realtor lock box key box part 2! In addition, I probably should have run more Sylvan Library as a draw engine, a card that Mark Chalice probably should have run more of as well in both of his Recursion combo decklists! Without knowing this time window, you won't be able to enter the vault even if you know the combination, so make sure you know the time for when opening can be performed. Dark Heart of the Wood allows the deck to gain life to play more mana to continue to combo out. Getting there – End of turn, draw a card says: […] attracting the deck tuner in me. Now, I will discuss a half dozen specific combo decks that exemplify and illustrate the potential of Combo in Old School Magic. T Take an extra turn after this one. Discuss the following: 4 Jayemdae Tome. The plan after that involves getting a Time Vault on the table and as that card is restricted the deck usually plays a … Perhaps their biggest selling point is they offer enormous replay value – and therefore fun – because they are often fast and play out so differently with so many lines of play from game to game. Finally, we reach the last major combo archetype. Another option is Ivory Tower, although that requires more time. If you put two Instill Energy on it, and clear out all opposition with Chaos Orb, you could both take turns with Time Vault and attack for 2 a turn. (60 cards, 35 distinct) - Black Lotus, Timetwister, Mox Pearl, Time Walk, Mox Sapphire, Ancestral Recall, Mox Ruby This is another way of saying that these decks have such a high skill ceiling such that they may offer the greatest potential for improvement and skill development  towards mastery of anything else in the Old School Magic experience. Thank you for your effort. Fork is particularly useful in this strategy because it allows you to double the damage of Winds of Change while also serving as a situational counterspell (Forking an opponent’s counterspell) or duplicating removal or burn. 4 Boomerang 4 Copy Artifact. But there is still a way, even under the current rules, to make Mirror Universe instantly lethal. Drawing cards in Arvika, part 1. Latest Set: Kaladesh. After this tournanent, and in fact, doing preparation for this article, I encountered what the Swedish group calls “MirrorBall” strategy. And, despite their appellation, Control decks usually win with creatures as well (as we saw in Chapter 2), although sometimes they win through sheer attrition or dedicated milling strategies, like Millstone. MTG Combo: Time Vault + Voltaic Key Latest Decks. This way, Transmute can find two parts of the three part combo. TappedOut.js Blog Widget, All Spells, Zero Lands, Turn One Win (Budgetish). So, you may untap it by skipping a turn, but it can be untapped with no ill effect by another effect such as Voltaic Key's ability. Steve is an avid enthusiast of Old School Magic. and the mana to play said cards/abilities. Terms of Use | But in some of the groups, Recall and Time Vault are restricted. Time Vault begins tapped. I tested Channel in my ’95 Recursion combo list, but ultimately decided it was largely superfluous. Once you complete the story mode in Mortal Kombat 11 and try out the Towers, you'll head into the Krypt to get your rewards. Think about that for a minute. As Mark explained to me, it’s this card that makes the deck possible. And, there is Lich, which, when paired with Dark Heart of the Wood, becomes a tremendous card draw engine as well. There is a parallel concern that there is a lack of excellent finishers to complement these absent engines. Jump to. If we somehow lose our main win-condition in Monastery Mentor, we could get him back with a Timetwister or a Yawgmoth's Will. Seems broken to me, while not useful in recursion-combo decks like the one you're working on, it makes many combo much more dangerous (and possibly Monolith combo too consistent).