I usually shoot between 8MB to 5MB file sizes (M and S1 on a Canon) with just one SanDisk 8GB memory card. For the photographers whose studio extends far beyond the four walls, and for jetsetters and road warriors who are called to a life of travel photography, full-frame lenses are all but essential. Already have a Mavic Mini or looking to buy one? My Favorite Camera Gear. I use Really Right Stuff TVC-34L legs and a BH-40 LRII ball head. Photo Shot on no data at Focal Length no data, Shutter Speed no data, Aperture no data, ISO/Film no data Catia Dombaxe’s story on her Alpha Universe profile reads, “I am Catia Dombaxe. You’re good enough, and should not need training wheels. Tip 1: pack just what you need. If I’m traveling through several countries with one of my kids and just want a setup that will be good in most situations, I either go with the 6D MII with a 16-35mm lens, or the 7D MII with the 15-85mm lens. This X-T30 setup guide is derived from a larger guide in … A blog where we share travel and photography tips from around the world, and the gear and techniques used to create a lifetime of memories. We currently own the A7iii and the A7Riii, and for travel photography, they are the best on the market. Compact Zoom Lens FUJINON 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 Lens. Finally, if you are aiming to achieve the most optimal minimalist travel photography gear setup, I advise you to not shoot RAW. My Minimalist Gear Setup for Travel Photography. ... X100V and X-Pro3 setup… To cover the base expense of performing the photo shoot, an architectural photographer may set a fixed minimum number of photos that the client agrees to purchase before they start the shoot. Thankyou. When it comes to equipment, travel photography is a very fine balancing act. The Travel Backpack from Peak Design is unique in the photography world as it the only bag on the market that offers accessories to both customize it for camera gear and the rest of your travel gear. The question is whether the improvement brought with this latest iteration makes the X100V the perfect camera for travel, documentary, and street photographers. Even if you have a top-of-the-line $10,000 camera, your photos aren’t going to be spectacular if you don’t know how to use it. The following setup calls for many devices. Photography Gear, Photography Resources, Photography Tips, Travel Photography, Ultimate Guide. Travel Photography Tips: Planning. Hi John Have just got the xt100 and am setting up. Gaining travel experience is the most important step to starting a successful travel Instagram. I spent several years saving up to make travel a reality in … We’ve selected items for their versatility, most notable is our camera selection, a Fuji X-T3 with a 16-80mm F4 zoom ... -container">