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4 Foods That Are NOT GOOD for Your Hair

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There an old saying that goes, too much of anything is bad. The same can be applied with food especially if your conscious about your hair’s growing pattern. Food always has something to do with a lot things, particularly if it involves our body. In this case, however, it’s the hair we’re talking about.

More often than not, hair loss has been attributed to a lot of things including a person’s diet plan. So if you’re noticing that your hair is not growing normally than it’s supposed to be, then the first thing you can do is to start re-assessing your overall diet.

Now, remember that the keyword is “to limit” and not to completely give them up. To start off with the list, a trusted hair restoration expert in the Philippines helps us compile some of the foods you need to consume in moderation. Here are some of them:

1. Too Much Fried

Everybody loves fried food, that’s for sure. The thing is, too much oiliness in your food is just bad. It’s even worse if you always eat fried food. High fat foods along with hydrogenated oils are known to increase the testosterone levels which may often trigger DHT (dihydrotestosterone) that binds and blocks off hair follicles which causes baldness and total hair loss. So if you want to reduce the risks of DHT, limit and/or monitor your consumption of fried foods.

2. Foods That Are Rich in Selenium

While selenium is an essential nutrient that our body requires, too much consumption of this mineral can also be bad for you because it can cause selenosis or poisoning. Its symptoms often include hair loss, skin shedding, discoloration of skin, fogginess, and nauseous. If you don’t want to suffer from this condition, it’s important that you know how to control your consumption of selenium-rich food. It should not go over beyond 55 micrograms. Otherwise, be prepared to say goodbye to your beautiful locks.

3. Limit Your Coffee & Alcohol Intake

Woman in orange having coffeeWhile it’s totally fine to drink coffee and alcohol, make sure to do it in moderation. Alcohol, when consumed too much, may lead to addiction and liver problems. This often disrupts the body’s activities especially when it comes to distribution of energy and nutrients. Coffee and tea or caffeine, in general, may cause dehydration which can suppress your hair roots and follicles.

4. Keep Sweets Under Control

Too much sugar may lead to diabetes which can also result in hair loss. Alongside with sugar itself, beware of consuming foods which claim they are sugar-free. Majority of these foods probably use artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. Consuming too much of this sugar substitute can increase DHT far worse than Trans fatty and oily substances. So if you want to protect your precious locks, try to keep your sweets consumption at a minimum, but don’t totally give it up because sometimes having a little sweetness in your life is good.

A healthy hair starts with the food on your plate. Keep this list in mind and remember to eat in moderation to maintain a silky soft tresses for more years.

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