A simple guide to dental implants in Richmond

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Have you lost a tooth, and now need to find a dentist to help you get treatment? Visit us for dental implants in Richmond, where we can help you to get your smile back. We would be happy to advise you on what treatment would be the most suitable for your condition. Whether you have lost your tooth from decay or perhaps an accident, there is no need to be nervous about getting dental implants in Richmond. Here at Sheen Dental, we will ensure that your dental implants match up to high standards, and are put in place by quality professionals.

Are dental implants the best option for me?

If you have lost a tooth, getting dental implants in Richmond is an ideal solution to get your smile back to how you want it to look. Before your actual implant procedure, one of our team will thoroughly examine your teeth, and make sure that they are fully aware of your medical history. This ensures that the treatment that you will be undertaking is the right one for your personal circumstances. This needs to be taken into account because your gums and remaining teeth need to be healthy enough for the treatment to take place.

The process of us fixing a dental implant into place is mostly straightforward. However, it might take several months. The process will involve a small titanium post being fitted into the jawbone of the patient. Then a replacement tooth will be fixed on top in order to mimic the tooth which has been lost.

How having a dental implant can help you get your smile back


There are many benefits in having a dental implant treatment. One benefit is that it will instantly improve your smile. If you have felt some insecurity about smiling or speaking due to you losing a tooth, this will definitely boost your confidence and get your smile back to its best. Having a dental implant will make life easier as you will be able to eat and chew as normal and speak without the worry of your tooth shifting out of place. This is because the dental implant will be fixed securely, to avoid any mishaps.

Another important benefit of having a dental implant fixed is the fact that it helps in preserving an individual’s facial structure. When a person loses their tooth or teeth, the bone area where the tooth used to be starts to shrink. This is because the bone is no longer able to be stimulated which results in the loss of bone almost immediately. This in turn affects an individual’s face as the lower area may start to collapse due to the lack of stimulation.

Dental implants also assist in maintaining a healthy oral hygiene routine. Unlike dentures, dental implants can be cleaned just like normal teeth. Due to how they are placed on the jaw, an individual with a dental implant can brush their teeth and floss as normal without the worry of their implant becoming loose. It is important to look after your dental health to ensure that your new implants last a long time.

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