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Are you dissatisfied when you see your smile?

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When you smile in the mirror it is important that you like what you see. A smile is amongst one of the first things that someone notices about you when you meet them for the first time, so being able to show it off proudly rather than hiding it away will make a huge difference. Some people are not phased by their uneven smile until they need to attend an event such as a wedding or birthday party, but then they often panic that they will not be able to receive treatment in time. Luckily for them Invisalign Weybridge treatment has made it possible to straighten teeth in as little as six months, depending on individual situations, so awkward family photos at weddings can become a thing of the past as you embrace your new, straighter smile.

Are you ready to smile?

This treatment not only offers a quicker treatment time than most, but the appliance itself is entirely removable and made of a clear plastic, making it extremely discreet as well as convenient. A lot of people are reluctant to straighten their teeth as adults because they feel too old to have traditional metal braces, but these clear aligners provide a more attractive alternative option. They are custom-made to fit closely over the tops of your own teeth and should be comfortable, barely noticeable to other people and should not impact your ability to speak. Whilst you have the convenience of being able to remove your appliance for brushing your teeth and eating, it is highly advised that you do not wear your aligners for less than twenty-two hours a day, as this could impact the efficiency of your treatment and result in an overall longer treatment time. Alongside this, you should ensure that your sets of aligners are worn in the correct order. You will be provided with multiple sets of aligners, as each set will gradually move your teeth until they reach their final positions. In some cases where people do not wear their aligners correctly they will need to completely restart their treatment and this could result in additional costs too.

Keep your teeth firmly in their new positions

Once you have worn your final set of aligners you will have another appointment with your dental professional. They will provide you with retainers to wear, which are incredibly similar to your aligners. Made of clear plastic and fitting comfortably over your own teeth, these retainers will ensure that your teeth do not start to stray back towards their old positions. In most cases you will need to wear them continuously for a week after your treatment has ended, but after this you should be able to just wear them at night. This will, however, depend on your individual circumstances, so it is important to follow your dental practitioner’s instructions closely. Some people will only need to wear the retainer at night for a matter of months, whilst others will be required to wear it for years or potentially the rest of their life.

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