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Boosting Your Immune System in the Time of Covid-19

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Boosting your immune system is even more important right now that the world is fighting the coronavirus collectively. A strong immune system has never been as critical as it is today. As you try to practice physical distancing and quarantine at home alone, what are the things you can do to protect yourself and boost your immune system?

You have to do some sort of physical activity at home, of course. Just make sure that you have a mouth guard for sports because this is not the time to go to the emergency room if you get into an accident. But boosting your immune system is not just about being physically active.

The immune system is, well, a system. It’s not a single entity. You don’t eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and have a strong immune system all of a sudden. To boost it, you need balance and harmony. It’s an idea that has become elusive for many years for many reasons. People always find it hard to maintain a healthy immune system because one or two factors do not align with their lifestyle.

If there’s one thing that can come out as positive from what has been happening in the past months, it’s that people can take a long hard look at their health. They are now more mindful of how they take care of themselves. They also realized how important it is to improve their bodies’ abilities to fight diseases.

Sleep for More Than Six Hours

Get enough sleep. The immune system and sleep are connected. People who get enough sleep every day are less likely to fall ill. A study found out that people who sleep less than six hours each night are more likely to catch a cold. Those who get seven to eight hours of sleep have better immunity. If sleeping is a problem, try not to check your phone before bed. Turn off the television. Set your room for sleep by turning off the light playing calming music.

Eat More Whole Plant Food

Fruits, vegetables, and nuts are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that help your bodies fight off pathogens and diseases. They are also rich in vitamin C, which reduces the likelihood of cough and colds. Avoid eating fatty and sugary food because these are linked to numerous health conditions that weaken your body’s immune system.

If you have to eat fats, go for healthy fats found in olive oil, salmon, and even chia seeds. These are highly anti-inflammatory, which can reduce the risks of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. As a result, these are known to combat illnesses.

Don’t Smoke

Health experts said that smokers are more likely to suffer from severe coronavirus symptoms. But the coronavirus shouldn’t be the sole reason why you should try to stop smoking. The nicotine in cigarettes is addicting. It is this substance that the smokers cannot get enough of. In fact, almost half of smokers try to quit cigarettes every year, but their addiction to nicotine stops them from doing so.

Exercise Moderately

If you can do intense workouts, that’s even better. If not, doctors recommend a moderate exercise of about 30 minutes to one hour each day. Regular moderate exercise can reduce inflammation. It also helps in the regeneration of your immune cells. You can do it early in the morning when you are not burdened by work. Examples of moderate exercise are brisk walking, swimming, jogging, light hiking, and biking.



When hydrating, make sure to drink water and not sugary drinks such as coffee, tea, and juices. While these are also hydrating, you should limit your intake of them because these have high sugar content. Instead, drink as much water as you can every day. Do you remember your parents telling you to drink eight glasses of water a day? Continue doing it now.

Manage Stress

Your best defense against diseases and illnesses is managing stress. When you are stressed, you’re more susceptible to illnesses that affect your overall health. Whether it’s headache, acid reflux, cough, or cold, your body feels weak when you are stressed. Stay away from things that stress you out. If work stresses you out, it’s impossible to avoid that, but you can still make a conscious effort not to let these things bother you on a personal level.

Sure, boosting your immune system is easier said than done. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though. With a balanced diet, moderate exercise, and enough sleep, you can give your immune system a boost, which is critical for fighting diseases and illnesses.

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