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Could A Dentist Help Get Your Smile Back?

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An enduring reputation

Anyone who lives in London and wants the utmost standard of dental care, right within the centre of the city, ought to choose a dentist Harley Street. The area has long since been hailed as the place to go for the city’s top-tier medical and dental practices, and over the years has provided the highest standard of dental and medical care to royals, celebrities and regular folk alike.

Today Harley Street retains its reputation as the area to go to for all your cosmetic and restorative dental needs, by providing some of the most cutting-edge procedures you’ll find within a historic and relaxing location.

What can a dentist offer?

The majority of cosmetic dentistry procedures are private and therefore aim to offer their patients everything they could need in terms of options for treatment.

Part of what makes the area so desirable for dental care is the fact that the practices famously take a patient-centred and individualist stance with the treatments they offer, whereby no two patients are ever given identical treatments, but rather the care they get is tailored to perfectly suit their needs. As all mouths are unique, all treatments should be too.

One of the most popular treatments which dental practices provide is dental whitening, which is a cosmetic treatment that aims to visibly brighten your teeth and clean your enamel of any yellowing, stains or discolouration using a peroxide-based bleaching agent. Dental whitening treatment has gained worldwide acclaim because of its non-invasive methods and effective results.

Most reputable dental practices will offer their patients the choice of either carrying out the dental whitening process within the practice – which achieves results in the fasted time (a single sitting) or to complete the process at home through an at-home kit – which takes longer to achieve results, but can be completed at the patient’s leisure.

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What treatments are available for lost teeth?

Another popular treatment which some dental practices offer to patients is that of dental implants, which offer a long-term solution to patients of a range of ages for lost teeth.

Rather than purely addressing the issue of a missing tooth at an aesthetic level as other dental prosthetics might, dental implants are embedded surgically into each patient’s jawbone through a small dental surgical procedure.

Because dental implants are fused on a permanent basis within your mouth they are considered by many to be the most natural feeling and comfortable way of replacing a lost tooth. This type of prosthetic not only looks natural, but also lets patients chew freely without the risk of damaging their replacement tooth.

If you have a gap within your smile that is untreated – even if it has been this way for several years – it is always advisable that you speak with a professional about whether or not implants could help. In doing so you may find your oral health to be completely transformed by the treatment,  as well as the appearance of your smile, which can be a hugely uplifting and positive factor in maintaining your self-esteem and levels of confidence.

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