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Don’t Let A Flu Infection Overwhelm Your Kids

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Nothing paints a sorry picture than a child who’s feeling under the weather. The once lively and bright eyes become dull and listless while the constant blowing of the nose turns it a bright shade of red. Matter complicate when their flu comes with a hacking cough and wheezing.

Having a bottle of Fluimucil 100 mg granules handy to help ease the congestion. As a mucolytic agent, this drug thins the sputum produced by the infection to make it easy to breathe. Thinner sputum is easier to expel from the chest, clearing the airways. Here are some additional measures to help your kids beat the flu.

Pull them from school

That might seem like a drastic measure, but when you suspect that your kid has the flu, you’re better off keeping them home. Influenza or flu is a contagious respiratory disease that is caused by the flu virus. Infection results in mild to severe illness and can prove fatal at times. Unlike the common cold, flu comes as a surprise attack. Your kid will feel very sick in a relatively short time and start running a fever with a cold. They will feel achy, tired, and weak. In some instances, they might have a bout of diarrhoea and vomiting. In short, a flu symptom manifests through the entire body, not just the head.

Sending off a kid with flu-like symptoms to school is a bad idea. The school is likely to send them back home as a precautionary measure. Not only would they not be in a position to learn by they pose a health risk. Flu is highly contagious, and the child is likely to spread it throughout the school.

Enforce bed rest

Fluids and rest are two crucial requirements when a child is recovering from a flu infection. When battling a viral infection, it’s common for the body to run a fever, a process that could leave the child tired and dehydrated. Keeping them hydrated helps to reduce the flu symptoms and speed up their recovery.

You might have to get creative to get them to drink more fluids as it might get a tad uncomfortable. In addition to plain water, offer them clear soups, 100 percent juices, and tea. Hard candies, lozenges, and soft fruits such as grapes and melons.

Get them a flu shot

Child getting a flu shot

The maxim, prevention is better than cure holds when it comes to battling the flu. Anyone over the age of 6 months needs to be vaccinated each year. You should know that each flu season is different and comes with different challenges. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people get hospitalized each year raking up hefty medical bills. Tens of thousands of patients are not so lucky as they succumb to flu-related complications.

Vaccination is an excellent way to combat the flu as it lowers the risk of contracting an infection and flu-related complications that could lead to hospitalization. It’s even proven to reduce the risk of flu-related deaths in children. Getting your school going kids vaccinated is an incredible way to keep them safe from these infections that can take a toll on their health.

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