Elements That Determine the Results of Scalp Micropigmentation

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Many people grapple with hair loss commonly due to their genetic makeup and certain diseases. There are several treatment options available nowadays for men and women dealing with hair loss.

Some of these treatments are however unreasonably expensive, need continuous maintenance or leave nasty scars on your head. A scalp micropigmentation treatment is the inexpensive, scar-free and most effective option for Las Vegas residents and those beyond grappling with hair loss.

This is a highly specialized treatment technique where a pigment is injected into your scalp to generate an illusion of a full head of hair. The following are the primary determinants of your treatment’s results.

Needle Size

There are different needle sizes used for scalp micropigmentation based on your treatment’s technique. For 3D scalp micropigmentation, for instance, a small needle is used for the initial pigment application then a large one for the second round to get realistic results.

Most treatment centers, however, use a needle which is 75% smaller than a tattooing needle. As such, the impressions made are impossible to tell apart from your natural hair follicles, and the process is virtually pain-free. Your exact needle size is however primarily dependent on your desired look.

Amount of Needle Pressure


This is generally the primary determinant of your treatment’s look since the force applied will determine the depth of the pigment’s penetration. Considerable pressure will usually result in a large dot. The structure of your epidermis is more uniform and tighter compared with the dermis structure.

As such, pigments applied on the epidermis result in small, well-defined dots while an application on the dermis results in large, ill-defined dots. Pigment application too deep into your dermis, therefore, results in a helmet look where there is a solid shade with little attention to dots.

The needle pressure of your treatment should thus be gentle to apply the pigment on your epidermis for optimal results.

Dot Size

The size of your dots is generally co-related to the needle size and the pressure applied. Very fine needles and gentle needle pressure results typically in small dots which look natural.

Very shallow pigment application from minimal needle pressure, however, results in falling off of the pigment once the micro-wound heals and scab falls off. The shallow dots are also prone to quick fading when exposed to UV rays from sunlight.

Technician’s Skill

There are many centers now offering scalp micropigmentation. Unfortunately, the results between these centers widely vary based on the skill of the technicians.

To guarantee your desired results, opt for a scalp pigmentation center with trained and skilled technicians. Though it might be more costly than other centers, the treatment results will be worth what you pay.

Every scalp micropigmentation treatment is customized to an individual’s exact skin type and color to guarantee flawless results. You will hence have a consultation with your treatment technician before the procedure to get the best pigment shade and technique for your needs.

Scalp micropigmentation will also add density to thinning hair and cover surgical scars in people who have had hair transplants.

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