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Five Ways to Store Medical Marijuana Properly

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The use of medical marijuana (MMJ) has been growing in popularity in recent years because of its numerous health benefits. Studies have shown that cannabis helps alleviate the symptoms of some conditions, including chronic pain, epilepsy, cancer, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

When it comes to storing your MMJ, understanding the basics is a must. However, the guidelines may differ depending on your budget, location, and even your living arrangements. Since MMJ is a dried herb, its expiration depends on how it is aged and stored.

To help you make the MMJ you got from a medical dispensary in Mesa, AZ last and remain fresh, keep in mind the following tips.

Plastic bags are a no-no

Keeping medical marijuana in plastic bags only increases the risk of crushing your buds. This, in turn, will remove the potent trichomes found in MMJ. Also, plastic tends to affect the taste of the herbs in the long run and does not hold in the odor, too. So, it is not an ideal way to store your MMJ if you want to be discreet.

Consider the humidity

One of the main reasons your cannabis may become less potent is the humidity. Keeping the humidity control between 59% and 63% helps keep mildew and other mold contaminants away from your MMJ. That is why it is best to keep it in a controlled environment that has the proper relative humidity range to preserve its freshness. Storing it in an area that has the perfect humidity will help you maintain its color, flavor, and aroma.

Keep it away from children’s reach

If you are living in a home with children, then it is best to store it in a place where they cannot reach it. Kids can be smart, especially when they know that you are up to something. So, do your best to outsmart them by keeping your MMJ in areas where they would not usually look.

Know the right temperature

Mildew and other types of mold growth in your cannabis usually appear when the storage temperate is between 77 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. So, store your marijuana in a cold and dark place. Exposing it to excessive heat can cause it to dry out.

Once this happens, you will lose the essential oils together with the dried herb, too. Thus, resulting in a harsh and undesirable smoke. Moreover, warm air tends to keep more moisture compared to cold air, which can affect the humidity factor of your storage.

Get the right lighting

Medical Marijuana

Lighting also plays a crucial role in proper cannabis storage. UV rays break down most organic materials, causing the quality of your cannabis to fade over time. It is highly advisable to store your MMJ in areas that do not get too much lighting to keep the temperature as fresh as possible.

Knowing how to properly store your cannabis is a great way to make it last longer. Make sure that you follow the directions on the package to save your medical marijuana. Some cannabis products are perishable, requiring different storage requirements.

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