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Fixing a chipped tooth

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A chip in a tooth that doesn’t cause severe pain can be easily fixed with a sculpting treatment of composite bonding in Harley Street. This is an increasingly popular cosmetic treatment, especially for the front teeth, because it is relatively inexpensive when compared to other options like veneers and can be done in a single dentist visit in most cases. Having a chipped or broken front tooth can seriously damage a patient’s confidence if it is not fixed; feeling self-conscious about a smile can lead to lower self-esteem which creates different issues that a dentist can’t fix.

Why is a smile so important?

There are some surprising health benefits that come with smiling that patients who are avoiding the action will miss out on due to feeling insecure about a broken tooth:

Studies have shown encouraging data that a smile can boost one’s mood by increasing the cortisol and endorphin levels in the brain, as these provide numerous health benefits like reducing pain and stress and regulating blood pressure.

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It has also been observed that a genuine smile can endear people to an individual, cause feelings of trust and make a general first good impression. The length of benefits a pretty smile reaches are far and so are the lengths of negative impressions a broken smile may leave. Humans have a way of creating judgements on people they just met; it is an evolutionary tool that allows people to judge character based on appearance. In modern society people with chipped, broken and stained teeth may be perceived as unhealthy, lacking personal hygiene and even considered to be less successful in their love lives. There is a host of benefits that come with having a straight and beautiful smile which make fixing a broken or chipped tooth worth it for many individuals.

How composite bonding works

This procedure will only take one appointment and thanks to new material used in the resin that makes up the bond a dentist can easily match the colour of the composite material to the tooth that needs to be restored in order to create a seamless and convincing-looking restoration.

The procedure itself is painless and won’t even require injections so any fears that patients may have of needles or invasive dental procedures are immediately taken away. Once the correct colour is chosen, the dentist carefully applies the coding to the tooth and then sculpts it to not only fit over and cover the broken area but to make it look like a tooth and match the other teeth so that it makes a convincing replica. Once the dentist is satisfied with how the newly shaped tooth looks that will harden the bond with a special light and patients will be ready to go home and live their lives, as usual, smiling with confidence.

While the bond is not as strong as a natural tooth there is a very low risk of it chipping or coming away from the rest of the tooth – in such cases, the tooth can be rebonded where necessary but the risk is unlikely and patients can go about their oral care as usual.

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