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Straight teeth aren’t always about the appearance of a smile, although it certainly is a factor. Many adults are looking to straighten their teeth in this modern age, which is beneficial for their health as they are able to clean their teeth better, among other benefits.

But realigning teeth that are not critically requiring alterations is an action greatly made for cosmetic reasons. The bite of such individuals is not misaligned; causing complications and pain nor is the issue in question that severe.

Professionals have understood this desire to look and feel one’s best and have since created more streamlined and convenient solutions for individuals who do not need all of the features that traditional braces offer. For those individuals looking to cosmetically enhance the appearance of their smile by straightening their teeth, they can sometimes be put off by the possibly arduous commitment of frequent dental appointments, cut cheeks and gums and quite a visible apparatus that might have negative implications on their professional appearance.

Invisalign Harley Street can be a solution to these concerns and many more. By offering those with mild to moderate misalignments the opportunity to straighten their teeth conveniently with removable aligners, individuals can feel more in control regarding their teeth-straightening experience and therefore more likely to embark on it.

One of the only wishes that people who complete this treatment is that they had done it sooner! A symbol of wealth and health, straight teeth is a very desirable feature to have and many people do find that they are unconsciously accepted more readily due to their new smile.

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How does this treatment work?

These removable devices work differently to traditional options because they push teeth into their correct alignment rather than pulling them. Clear, plastic trays that fit snugly over teeth are worn consistently for at least 22 hours each day until a prescribed amount of time is up. It is usually about 2-4 weeks until the next tray in a series is expected to be worn.

The patient need only change to their new trays and continue on doing this until their teeth straighten. They then need to wear a retainer at night to hold their teeth in their new alignment, allowing the ligaments to relax so that they can maintain this investment in time and money.

One of the secrets behind the effectiveness of this treatment is the iTero scanner, which digitally pinpoints the exact location of teeth and determines the precise movement to be the most effective and comfortable way to straighten teeth.

This information is directly used to make the trays and from there, a dentist is a guide, a support person should a patient have any questions throughout the journey and has the skills to monitor closely the development and changes to ensure everything is going to plan.

It does take a considerable amount of willpower from patients to wear the aligners for the time required, but with the right support and tools, individuals can be sharing their beautiful new smile in no time.

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