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Four Common Dental Problems in Kids You Should Know

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Dental problems are not fun to have, especially for children. Fortunately, most of these issues are easily preventable. Teaching your kids proper oral hygiene habits, for one, is an effective way to prevent these problems.

Even more, you should also educate yourself on their common causes so that you will know what measures to take. Here is a list of the most common oral problems your little ones can get if you do not take the proper steps.

Tooth Decay

Your children’s teeth are always in contact with sugary drinks, such as milk and fruit juices. Kids who fall asleep with unswallowed milk, in particular, are more prone to developing tooth decay or cavities.

One way you can prevent this from happening is by giving your kids a pacifier or plain water instead of milk in times you want to calm them. Also, make sure to remove the drink from their mouth once they fall asleep.

Premature Tooth Loss

child losing his toothPremature tooth loss mostly happens when children have developed cavities or sustained an injury. If they lose their teeth before the permanent ones come in and grow, there is a chance that the nearby teeth can shift. This, in turn, can cause their teeth to be misaligned or crooked.

If your kids prematurely lose their teeth, your chosen dental clinic might recommend that you get a space maintainer. This will help keep the space between your children’s teeth open until the permanent ones erupt.


Most kids tend to develop their oral habits as they grow. However, oral habits such as thumb sucking can place unnecessary pressure on their developing teeth, forcing these to move forward. If left untreated, it will leave them with misaligned teeth or malocclusion. It is best to break this habit at an early stage by talking to them.

You need to devise a plan that will work out for them to help them stop the harmful habit. Once you have explained to your children about its effects, ensure that you call their attention whenever you see them doing it again. You can create a weekly chart where they get a stamp every time they complete a day without thumb sucking. It is an excellent way to reinforce the behavior that you positively want from them.

Tongue Thrusting

Another oral behavior that most kids develop is tongue thrusting. It is the unconscious habit of blocking their mouth for swallowing by using their tongue to push it forward against their lips. Like thumb sucking, it also applies unnecessary pressure to their front teeth, causing these to protrude and create an overbite.

If you notice any symptoms of this kind of behavior, then it is best to seek help from a speech pathologist. Speaking with a professional will help you create a plan that will help your children improve their muscle strength for chewing. Even more, it will also help your little ones create a new swallowing guide.

Understanding these common problems will help you educate your children about the importance of proper oral health. It is best to expose your kids to proper oral hygiene at a young age so that they will carry it until they become adults.

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