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Getting oral implants overseas

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There is an obvious lure to seeking out dental treatment overseas. Sheen dental implants Richmond are a very significant investment, and it is important to spend your money wisely. Therefore, this article compares implants abroad with those in the UK in the fullest and fairest way.

Depending on where you are in the UK, a single dental implant can vary greatly in cost. Make a short trip to a European country with a soviet history like Poland, Hungary or the Czech Republic, and you can find implants being provided for significantly cheaper, which for a cost-savvy person is going to be very alluring. Even with poor currency exchange rates and an overly generous travel budget, there is no way around it. An implant overseas will always be significantly cheaper.

Regulation costs, regulation pays

Have you ever gotten into a debate with somebody about an industry needing to be regulated? Have you heard the argument that regulating a product or service increases its cost to the consumer? Well, they’re not wrong, and this is really the difference between the service you would get in the UK compared to Eastern Europe.

Dental services in the UK have an extensive quantity of regulations that they have to adhere to. This does increase the standards of British dentistry but creates a substantial quantity of work, and work has to be paid for. Those costs result in higher treatment costs for the consumer, and in return, patients have a dental service that does not operate on a buyer-beware system. But you can also look up dental providers on a public register where there is a licensing body that will receive complaints and strict rules protecting our health and safety and providing legal recourse if you are injured through malpractice.

It can be easy to assume that all over the world, dental services run in a similar way and that the savings are really related to the cost of living in other nations in which you are considering treatment, but that is simply not the case. You are exposing yourself to far more risk, buying a product that is not only less regulated but also in a nation you do not speak the native language of. Rather than being considered a valued member of the community whose reputation is required for the continued existence of the clinic, you are seen as a one-off transaction to be completed as efficiently as possible with the greatest profit margin.

Oral implants treatment schedule and travel plans

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Oral implant treatment is almost always carried out as a two-part procedure, with anything from 4 to 12 months between 2 sessions. This is done for a very good reason; if the titanium component of the implant is not fully anchored into place in the jaw when it is loaded with the prosthetic tooth, it risks moving and becoming misaligned or crooked.

In order to reduce costs and fit the entire procedure into a practical time frame, foreign providers often compress the treatment, not giving enough time for the implants to fully mature. This dramatically increases the error rate and chances of failure.

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