The Most Beautiful Business on Youtube: Makeup, Skincare and Beauty Tutorials

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Over the past decade, Youtube vlogging has become a lucrative industry on the internet. Each year, the number of Youtube channels earning six figures grow more than 40 per cent, with over 1,000 creators earning at least $100,000 USD ($139,782 AUD) per year from advertising revenues.

Makeup and skincare tutorials are among the most-viewed videos on the Google-owned site and the people who make them have achieved massive success in the online entrepreneurial world. Many beauty content creators such as Jeffree Star, Nikkie de Jager and Lauren Curtis have popped up in commercials, launched their own cosmetics lines and boosted the sales of different brands due to their reviews and sponsorship deals.

What is behind their success?

One of the keys to Youtube vlogging success is consistency and fan loyalty. That means building a fanbase or a community through frequent video uploads, focusing on content that viewers will love. Many beauty creators decide on the topic of their next video based on requests from their subscribers or release timely videos that are Halloween or Christmas-themed. Aside from beauty and skincare products, their videos also feature a plethora of other topics, be it clothing hauls, eyelash courses in Sydney or their personal lives.

According to a study done by Kristen Forbes of Elon University, being relatable also comes with the territory for these social influencers. Their relatability makes them incredibly appealing to their consumers. This is because their body and verbal language are relaxed and informal, almost as if you are listening to a friend teach you how to put on makeup or show you their latest purchase. This friend-like character allows the audience to feel an intimate connection with the vloggers, making the entire viewing experience fun and relatable.

The last factor, and arguably the most important one, that contributes to a beauty Youtuber’s success is their helpfulness. A huge percentage of a beauty Youtuber’s content is focused on tutorials that provide instructions on how to apply makeup and which application methods work best for what products. These how-to videos provide viewers ideas on the best ways to incorporate certain products into their regular makeup routines, helping them look and feel more beautiful.

What is the future of beauty vlogging?

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There are thousands of beauty-focused videos uploaded to Youtube every day and millions of people all over the world watching them. Due to this phenomenon, major cosmetic brands no longer rely on traditional advertising to secure market share and they have joined in on the Youtube hype. For instance, powerhouse L’oreal gifted products to top beauty vloggers and placed ads within their videos.

The reach of beauty influencers goes beyond views, shares and likes. They make a powerful difference in the opinions and behaviours of consumers. Advertorials that appear like beauty tutorials or product reviews are highly effective in converting viewers to customers, especially when the beauty vlogger has positive opinions about the brand’s products.

Youtube has drastically changed the beauty industry and vloggers will continue to exert more influence on the purchasing decisions of consumers. There is no real algorithm for success but with world-leading cosmetics brands investing in beauty vloggers, the future of the Youtube beauty community looks as beautiful, as bright and as polished as its content creators.

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