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Vedic Astrology 101: Shakti Yoga

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Vedic Astrology is the horoscopic discipline of the Hindu people in India. Much like Western Astrology, Vedic Astrology is complex, requiring a careful understanding of the heavens and how each component of the celestial framework above us affects and impacts our lives.

In this article, we’ll be discussing a specific type of Yoga: the Shakti Yoga. The Shakti Yoga is part of the Akriti Yogas, which, in turn, is part of the Nabhasa Yogas. We’ll discuss each element briefly, along with just a few aspects of the Shakti Yoga that we feel you should know about. But first…

What is Nabhasa Yoga?

First of all, refer to our “Yoga” article for a more detailed look at what Yogas are in Vedic astrology, but basically, Yogas refer to the position and relation of the planets and the stars from one another. There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of possible Yogas, and indeed, ancient Vedic astrologers tried their best to catalogue each and every single one, but for now, let’s talk about the Nabhasa Yoga.

The Nabhasa Yoga is a type of Yoga that concerns the placement or configuration of the nine planets excluding Rahu and Ketu. The Nabhasa Yoga governs a persons life, from their general luck, misfortune, inclinations, weaknesses, and strengths. The Nabhasa Yoga, then, reflects the core of a person, and is neither dependent on doshas or planetary aspects, lordships, or even conjunctions.

The ancient Yavana people believed that there are 1800 possible Nabhasa Yogas: 23 Akriti Yogas + 127 Sankhya Yogas for every lagna or ascendant, multiplied by 12, while the great Kerala philosopher Kaikulangara Rama Varyar (also known as Suchidwaje) believed that there were an unlimited number of Nabhasa Yogas.

Generally, however, it is accepted that there are 4 different kinds of Nabhasa Yogas: the Dala Yoga, which is a Nabhasa Yoga based on the number of bhavas occupied by the planets (except the moon), the Sankhya Yoga, which is based by the number of rasis occupied by seven planets, the Asraya Yoga, which is based on the basic kinds of signs and aspects occupied by the planets, and of course, the Akriti Yoga, which is based on a clearly defined geometrical pattern of planets in the sky.

The Akriti Yogas

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In the seminal Vedic Astrology text Bṛhat Parāśara Horā Śāstra (commonly known as the BPHS), the great Brahmin sage Parashara described 20 important Akriti Yogas, each of which providing natives (or people born under that particular Yoga) with a general overview of their life.

Akriti Yogas are one of the “easier” Yogas to understand because of how visible it is; one simply needs to look up to the heavens, note the position of the planets, consult the BPHS, and one can already have a very basic overview of one’s life. Of course, for a more detailed, precise, and most importantly, accurate, reading of fortune, one must look at all aspects of the cosmos and not just the Akriti Yoga. But in general, however, the Akriti Yogas can give a person an idea of what to expect, not to mention provide a small measure of insight into who they are as people.

The Shakti Yoga is one of the most powerful Akriti Yogas in the cosmos, and those born under its sign can be capable of great good, or great evil.

Shakti/Shakata Yoga

A type of Akriti Yoga that’s formed when seven planets occupy seven houses and their ascendants at the same time. It can either represent the goddess Shakti, the feminine aspect of Shiva, or Shakata, which means vehicle.

Because of the latter, some astrologers believe that those born under Shakti Yoga will have a difficult life rife with disease, poverty, and a lack of friends. In fact, some people believe that Shakti Yoga natives can even turn this negative energy into a destructive force (the evil Western dictator Adolf Hitler was born under a Shakti Yoga).

Other astrologers and texts, like Lagna Chandrika, beg to differ: because the Shakti Yoga is representative of the feminine energy of Shiva, natives of this Yoga are blessed by the creative divine, making them clever with money, the arts, and are fertile.

Shakti Yoga involves the 7th house and the ascendant, which is representative of both a person’s disposition and their partner. In general, these houses should complement one another, but if a malefic planet has influence, this will often manifest itself as either a penchant for traveling or a partner that isn’t supportive and/or is jealous and a cheater. According to the great Brahmin sage Parasara, the 7th house is what represents your partner and future journeys; a benefic planet in this Shakti Yoga would mean a good wife and enjoyable travels.

Specific planets will have specific effects on people born under the Shakti Yoga. As mentioned, Adolf Hitler was born under a Shakti Yoga with Jupiter in its 7th house. This turned him into an evil dictator hell-bent on destroying the world. If Jupiter is in any way involved in a person’s Shakti Yoga, they must be extremely careful about letting its influence dictate their actions.

Venus and its feminine energy doesn’t work well with Shakti Yogas inherent feminine energy also, creating a rift that will make natives of this Yoga and planet be suspicious of, and even destroy, aesthetically-pleasing things and/or people. Because of this Venus-influenced Shakti Yoga natives will have a very hard time keeping relationships, as they have an innate need to shun beauty.

Mercury’s quick and sudden changes in emotions would also not work well with Shakti Yoga’s feminine energy. Mercury’s influence would amplify, and even agitate, Shakti Yoga’s deep well of emotions. This makes native of this Yoga and planet very susceptible to anger issues, and even madness.

However, not all planets bring a malevolent influence on Shakti Yoga. In fact, certain planets can bring great blessings toward the Shakti Yoga native. For example, the Sun (which is considered a planet in Vedic Astrology), brings its benefic influence on Shakti Yoga natives, and people born with this planet in their house will enjoy a constant sense of self-realization.

Meanwhile, if the red planet Mars is in Shakti Yoga, the native will stay away from violence, with the benefic planet absorbing the native’s anger and violent tendencies. Mars-influenced Shakti Yoga natives work best as peace-keepers and as persons in authority, as their natural, peaceful selves would be a great boon to those around them.

But the luckiest Shakti Yoga natives will be those influenced by Saturn, whose great benefic energy will shield the native from sin and sorrow throughout their lives, granting the native with blessings and luck, and shaping them to become benevolent and wise.

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