When You Should Visit Your Local ER

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When You Should Visit Your Local ER

Getting proper medical care can be difficult if you don’t know the urgency of your symptoms. Luckily, Doctor ER breaks down the differences between when patients should go to the ER, when they should go to urgent care, and when they should schedule a doctor’s appointment. In many cases, fast decision-making can save a life and help prevent worsening symptoms.

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When to Go to the ER
The emergency room is for life-threatening or time-sensitive conditions. Patients should carefully consider their symptoms and contact 911 if unsure. If the symptoms are urgent, patients should not risk their lives and head to the closest ER.

Some life-threatening symptoms include:

-Chest pain
-Difficulty breathing
-Slurred speech
-Vision problems
-Broken bones
-Head injuries

Any other symptoms that need immediate care are better treated at the emergency room rather than with urgent care or a doctor’s visit.

Urgent Care vs. Doctors Visit
Urgent care is for severe symptoms but doesn’t need to be addressed immediately. Instead, it’s a good choice if you can wait a few hours to get into urgent care. On the other hand, doctor visits are suitable for mild symptoms or problems that come and go. You won’t want to go to urgent care if you have minor symptoms requiring a checkup.

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