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3 Effective Ways of Dealing with Weight Gain

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Weight gain remains to be a sensitive issue in society. It has been attributed to the increasing fast-food culture, especially among the youths. The result has been an increase in the number of people struggling with obesity. While not handled properly, the issue of weight gain has been known to be a major contributing factor to low self-esteem.

Physical Fitness

This is the most essential aspect of controlling your weight. You may consider enrolling in a gym program to gain access to a professional fitness coach. You may also opt to hire a personal trainer in Seattle to guide you through your weight loss journey. A personal trainer acts as both a coach and confidant. He may assist you in preparing workout routines that you may follow both in the gym and back at home. He also has some insight into healthy meal plans that you may follow during the weight loss period.

Away from the gym, there are other weight loss alternatives that you may put into practice. An example includes taking walks or jogging in the morning and evening. The five-minute bus drive that you take to and from work may be replaced by a healthier 20-minute walk.

Watching Your Diet

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For maximum results, it is important to combine your routine exercise with a healthy meal plan. You may consult a nutritionist to guide you on your feeding habits. She may advise you to cut down on the number of calories that you consume per meal. This may be achieved by cutting down on the carbohydrates and increasing your vegetable consumption instead. Reducing the quantity of food you eat may not be a wise decision as previously thought. That is because it may result in starving if your body lacks the necessary energy to perform at its required level. It is also advisable to consume enough amounts of clean water. Nutritionists recommend at least five to eight glasses of water in a day.

Mental Aspect

There is a psychological aspect to controlling your weight. It is unlikely that you will lose your weight as required if you are stressing over certain issues. People with obesity have in the past been subjected to bullying and teasing by both their friends in their personal lives and by strangers through online platforms. Some people respond to such stresses by increasing the quantities of food that they eat, especially junk food. Their bodies are then likely to respond to the increased food intake by gaining more weight. A person struggling with self-esteem issues may consider combining their weight loss program with counseling sessions. This is to ensure that both their bodies and mind work in sync toward achieving the common goal of body fitness.

The way you handle your weight gain determines how successful you’ll be at controlling it. It requires synergy between your body and mind to achieve optimum results. It also requires a ton of personal discipline, especially with regard to watching your diet. You may have to let go of your favorite bedtime snack.

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