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4 Celebrities Who You Didn’t Know Wore Braces

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It’s no secret that having your crooked teeth straightened have more positive effects and benefits to a person’s overall physical health, and it’s definitely not just for “appearance” purposes. Some of these health benefits include being able to chew the food properly, and so the nutrients could be broken down properly and would result in proper digestion.

Straightened teeth also prevent tooth cavity and other gum diseases that could potentially build around the spaces of crooked teeth. Of course, all these health benefits wouldn’t be the first thing that a person would notice upon seeing braces.

Because it still couldn’t be denied that a person’s smile is something that would catch another person’s attention first. Especially if your line of work requires talking, and a lot of people would be paying attention to you. Actors and actresses are great examples of that.

And while they seem to have those perfect smiles, there are several celebrities that paid a visit to their orthodontist here in Oviedo, Florida and wore braces. Here is a list of celebrities that prove wearing braces changes a lot:

Angelina Jolie

Everyone probably hails her as one of the most beautiful and iconic actresses ever, but during her teenage years, the superstar wore braces at one point in her career. There are several throwback photos of Jolie wearing braces, and the slight changes on her teeth could be seen from her earlier movies to her many recent ones.

Niall Horan

This might not come as a surprise, but the One Direction member is definitely one of the most successful celebrity braces stories. Many fans of One Direction took notice of Horan’s adorable crooked teeth when he first auditioned at the X-Factor.

And so a lot of fans also noticed how his smile changed throughout their career when he wore braces in early 2014. Looking back at the Irish singer’s audition back in 2010, and then watching his latest music video, you could really see how much his teeth has changed.


Even the majority of the BeyHive is not aware that the Run the World hit-maker, also known as the Queen of everything, Beyonce, actually wore braces! She even wore the traditional metal braces on the red carpet and rocked the look a few years back.

She was required to keep the braces on until the treatment period, and now sports the most beautiful smile!

Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is one of those actresses who admitted to going through that ‘awkward’ phase as a child – from having ‘terrible and dry skin’, and wearing traditional metal braces. The decision of Watson to wear braces is to boost her confidence as an actress – especially when the cameras would be on her a lot, and for her deliver the lines easier and quicker.

The Harry Potter star wore traditional metal braces for four months when she was younger, and now has one of the most captivating smiles in all of Hollywood!

Even the biggest and most popular stars in Hollywood have gone through a ‘brace face’ period in their lives, and it’s mostly to help them be more confident, especially in their line of work. This could also help boost your own confidence in flashing that gorgeous smile of yours – on top of the health benefits of straightened teeth!

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