Body Hair Removal: Various Options You Should Know

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Body hair is not always welcome. These days, many people like to remove most if not all of theirs for a host of different reasons. It could be for hygiene, for comfort, or even for convenience. Some people may remove body hair because they prefer the way it looks without.

No matter your reason for wanting to remove body hair, know that there are quite several ways to get rid of it. Here are some of them.


This method of hair removal has been around the longest. These days, it’s easy to do. All you need is a sharp razor and careful hands. If you want to spoil yourself a little, you can purchase a premium safety razor that not only works great, but also looks great. Remember to use a shaving product (like cream or gel)  to make the blades glide more easily across your skin. Don’t forget to exfoliate, as well.


Depilatory creams are a great way to get the hair off your body. They’re simple and convenient to use, but you must be careful. If your skin is sensitive, you might suffer a reaction, so do a patch test.


By now, everyone knows that convenient and easy hair removal method of plucking. All you need is a handy dandy pair of tweezers. But you won’t be able to pluck large areas. Tweezers are better for eyebrows and small areas.


You can try either cold waxing or hot waxing. You can even purchase kits (or pre-waxed strips) that you can use yourself at home. However, if you’re not sure how well you can do by yourself, or if you can’t reach the area you want to wax, go see a professional. Follow aftercare instructions, too.


This is another way for you to get the hair off small areas on your face. It’s a method that makes use of your fingers and thread, which you will manipulate to get hair removed. You can learn this, but it might be easier to see a pro.


hair removal using laserThanks to the advancements in technology, hair removal methods have now grown to include lasers. Now, before you run to a spa for laser hair removal in your area, there are a few things you have to know first.

Although you might think laser hair removal is permanent, it’s more of a permanent reduction than permanent removal. Some of the hair may grow back, so you must make some touch-up appointments here and there. Touch-ups can be as rare as once every two years or as much as twice a year, depending on your hair type.


This is the only permanent way of getting your hair removed forever, but it’s painful and expensive to boot. Laser hair removal will probably hurt less, though it may cost right about the same amount. But hey, permanent is permanent, right?

No matter which method you choose, remember to always perform the aftercare necessary. This way, you won’t have to deal with issues like razor burn and ingrown hairs.

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