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Getting Approved for Disability Benefits

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It takes a considerable effort to qualify for disability benefits in Utah. There are lots of people out there trying to scam the government. The idea of getting a regular paycheck in these tough economic times tempts people to get into all manner of antics.

To deter such people, the government goes to great lengths to ensure that all those who deserve it get into the program. The success rate among the first applicants hovers around the 20 percent mark. With the help of expert service, you can boost your odds to about 50 percent.

Cover your bases

Since you’ll be signing up for disability, you need to provide irrefutable evidence to back up your application. You need to have seen a qualified medical doctor within the past year. If you haven’t, be sure to visit one as soon as possible. If your financial situation is dire or you don’t have insurance, consult Disability Care Center as they can point you to low-cost clinics in your area. Alternatively, look for websites for a list of such clinics in your state.

Be sure to inform the doctor of your intentions to apply for disability as a result of your condition. If they believe that you have a case, have the doctor write a letter of recommendation explaining how the condition is disabling. In particular, they need to define how it keeps you from getting substantial activity.

Be sure to obtain a copy of medical documentation that relates to your condition as it is crucial to your application. Furnishing the SSA with the relevant information and documentation increases your chances of being approved.

Go for a consultative medical exam

man having a medical examAs part of the vetting process, your application is sent the local Disability Determination Services office for evaluation. A disability examiner alongside a doctor will evaluate your case against the SSA’s requirements. They have to be sure that your condition weakens you.

If there’s a doubt or discrepancy, the SSA will require you to take a consultative medical exam. Failing to appear for the exam earns you a dismissal. Depending on the issue in contention, the examination can be either long or short. Providing an updated and comprehensive medical documentation with your application negates this step.

Have sufficient social security credits

You will need to have worked jobs covered by Social Security to qualify for social security disability benefits. Additionally, you need to have worked long enough to earn a place in the program. Work credits change every year. As of 2019, a single work credit is worth $1,360 in self-employment income or wages, with the earning capped at four credits per year.

Your age when you became disabled is crucial to your qualification as well. You’ll need 40 credits to qualify, with half of the amount being earned within the last decade. Younger workers, however, can be eligible with fewer credits due to their ages.

The government runs a tight ship when screening disability applications to weed out people looking for a quick payday. Therefore, you need to be thorough with your request to ensure success or avoid rejection.

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