How Technology Can Improve Sports Injury Recovery

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All athletes most likely have experienced a sports injury at some point in their lives. But even if it’s common in any physical activity, it’s crucial to understand why it happens. It’s vital to know how to improve its recovery period, too.

Researchers have been trying to find ways to use technology in sports injury prevention. Because of this, companies have been producing products to limit the chances of getting injured.

How technology improves sports injury recovery and prevention

Athletes are aware that the prospect of acquiring injury is real every time they play sports. That’s why putting technology into sports injury recovery is an ideal innovation for athletes. It’s also perfect for those who are looking for ways to prevent it from occurring.

Like with other sports, those who play baseball are prone to arm injuries. It holds true especially for those performing as pitchers. Most teams are now using digital modeling to their advantage. Some even help locate those areas that are prone to elbow and arm injuries.

Even football players also use digital technology to improve performance. Some use it to locate the areas that have concussions in players before it gets problematic. It’s an enormous advantage, especially since active players are prone to a concussion.

Using water to speed up the rehabilitation


Players aren’t new to using water to speed up the rehabilitation process. But now, players are using a new kind of technology to speed up the process even more. Teams are now using a Hydro Worx 2000 pool to boost their recovery process.

This type of pool produces a digital video remark of an athlete’s motion while inside the pool. It shows the player’s water flow resistance as well as floor movements. The pool also can adjust the floor to complement their postsurgical exercise sessions.

Making use of wearables

Several companies have also used technology to their advantage. Now, various gadgets that focus on health and fitness are available in the market. Even sports equipment like basketball mouthguards have seen improvisations over the years. Now, companies have developed smart mouthguards that can track head impact upon contact.

There’s now also a unique mouthguard system for athletes. It aims to help researchers collect the data that they need about head impacts. This is expected to change how people deal with their concussions for the better.

There are also items of clothing with built-in sensors in their design. These gadgets can recommend the most accurate recovery time for players. Meanwhile, others can help track the temperature, movement range and the pressure on the joint. There are even pieces of clothing that have sensors to check both performance and health.

Sports is a crucial aspect of a person’s life. Although injuries can hamper an athlete’s growth, it shouldn’t cause them to quit. By using technology to their advantage, it will help players to overcome the challenges. Using these types of devices will make it easier for players to track their health. Even more, it can help reduce and risks of getting injured, too.

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